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Sports channel statistics are declining. In October last year before Krzysztof Stanowski left, the channel had 1.12 million subscribers. Today she has 1.02 million subscribers. Marcin Szczubak, Director of Press Service Monitoring, recently drew attention to the lower number of views and compared the results compared to January in recent years. While in the first month of last year there were 19.8 million of them in the first 23 days of January this year. Only 2.9 million.

What about sports channel numbers?

– Statistics mean trends that should be read carefully. Certainly the creators of KS have more knowledge of what this data produces. However, the declines are truly worrying. It seems that the breakup with Krzysztof Stanowski did not go unnoticed. It is difficult to say whether this is the only reason, but it is impossible not to combine them. In addition, some employees left for Canal Zero and the climate surrounding the entire project was not the best – says Dr. Katarzyna Kubis-Zemcek, communication and public relations expert, and media expert, in an interview with

KS owners Tomasz Smokowski, Michał Pol and Mateusz Borek confirmed that the departure of some employees to the Krzysztof Stanowski channel has been compensated. – It's normal, they have worked with Krzysiek for years – Smokowski noted.

Jacek Jadzinovski, an expert in marketing, communications and e-commerce, points out that Stanovski's departure is not the only problem for the Sportoy channel. – It seems that the sports channel is no longer popular. In the case of some YouTube creators we see a fad that can sometimes end to a greater or lesser extent. KS was too much for viewers, and the turmoil surrounding Krzysztof Stanowski's departure exacerbated the problems. As left by other authors (including Robert Mazurek, Kamil Gabinski, and Przemysław Rudzki – editor's note), there are fewer programs overall, perhaps an attempt to reduce costs. The project is in a decline phase Recipients like to see projects that are constantly improving, even if the quality of individual KS materials has never declined – says Gadzinovsky in an interview with

According to our interlocutors, changes in the number of subscriptions and views are normal for a project such as a sports channel. However, the problem is related to the magnitude of the declines. – Fluctuations between PLN 24 million and PLN 19 million are not as big a problem as the drop below three million that we currently see. 24 million or 19 million is still a huge viewership, with three million, every additional million is worth its weight in gold. It's like money. With the amount of 1 million, the decrease of several thousand zlotys is not as noticeable as with smaller amounts, where every penny is visible. The decline in the number of views of sports channel materials is significant and project owners should think about how to stop it and what to change – says Dr. Kubiš-Zemchik.

New proposals in Kansas

The sports channel recently presented viewers with new looks and faces. Last Sunday, the first episode of YouTuber Wini's “News Channel” series debuted. The “Hot” series also debuted, where news from the world of sports is discussed in an informal way. There is also a program called “Kowalove” hosted by Tomasz Smokowski with former footballer Wojciech Kowalczyk. Since December, the series “Hunting” has also been broadcast, in which Michel Paul comments on events not only from the world of sports.

“KS Poranek” hosts Adam Kotleszka and Damian Bąbol, Filip Wiśniewski and Maja Strzelczyk from Canal+ Sport, and Chłop Warga, who joined Kanał Zero from Krzysztof Stanowski, said goodbye to Sportowy once again. Closing the sports channel and other magazines about the German and French leagues. Instead, a new format has already emerged around foreign periodicals.

– These are attempts to win back viewers or at least stop their streaming for a while. I do not see among these proposals – with all due respect to their authors – any revolutionary ideas that would increase the current KS results several times. You need strong, engaging material that will generate hours of viewing by the viewer. This attracts audiences and drives the YouTube algorithm. Example? An interesting live program that lasts for four hours and is watched by thousands of viewers. Google doesn't fully explain how the algorithm works, but we know that viewer attention is important, Gadzinowski says.

Special programs on political topics have also appeared recently in Kansas, including: that of the House Committee, in which former Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin appeared, and the case of Mariusz Kaminski and Michał Wasik was discussed. – I see an attempt to take advantage of the popularity of the House of Representatives, but the problem is that people prefer to see the House of Representatives on its channel, and they do not need direct commentary, especially from unknown experts – says Jadzinovski.

Should the sports channel be careful with its algorithm?

Some netizens point out that new videos of Sportowy channel are viewed less often on YouTube and they have to search for them themselves. Listening to Jacek Gadzinowski, you get the impression that this is part of the most serious challenge Kansas will face. It's about YouTube's algorithm, which offers great opportunities for content creators, but also poses a risk when the numbers dip.

– The low number of views may also be due to the YouTube algorithm, which is less robust, there is a lack of interesting programs, and viewers are less interested. The algorithm delivers content to recipients, but this also results from interest. If Internet users stop searching for KS software, they will not see new software. This is a very dangerous trend, and it's easy to fall into the “death spiral” that all YouTube creators fear. People watch Sportowy channel material less, watch specific programs for a shorter period, are less engaged, write less comments, give fewer likes, do not share, there is less circulation of KS content on YouTube itself, and therefore the material is shown less on the home page Or as suggested. . Participating project owners should react as quickly as possible, because in this way you can lose up to 90 percent of the numbers – and this has already happened to other creators – Gadzinowski points out.

Zero channel and sports channel

According to our interlocutors, another threat regarding customer flow may appear after February 1 of this year, when Channel Zero will be officially launched. – Not everyone is satisfied with the proposal of authors Krzysztof Stanowski in Kanał Zero. However, I think most people will want to see its design. He will “eat” a significant part of the attention of viewers who remember Stanovsky from the sports channel. The influx of views from Kansas will be greater. The co-owners will have to think about what to do next, because soon the numbers will be lower than in the case of YouTubers with 50-60 thousand subscribers – says Jacek Jadzinovski.

Dr. Katarzyna Kubis-Zemczyk sees it a little differently. – So far, we have not encountered a situation where such a media-developed project collapses on a YouTube channel and in a format like a sports channel and a second project is created – with at least the same potential to attract viewers. In fact, these projects are no different from television newsrooms, except that they are placed in online media. Recently, there have been and still are projects created on YouTube by people, for example people who have left TV, but have a different personality. Therefore, what will happen a moment later, after the launch of Channel Zero, may also set important trends for other creators – he points out.

Jacek Gadzinowski proposes changes to the co-owners of the Sportowy channel. – They had a lot of time to reinvent the channel and interest the audience more. They could, for example, invite 10 creators who are growing on YouTube today, pay them and ask them: “Tell me what's trending now, why your results are improving, what's clicking, what people like and don't like.” Like about you.” Based on this, decisions can be made about hiring new people and creating other formats. This was irreversible when Stanovsky decided to leave last October. This project can still be saved, but sensible new ideas are needed – He says.

He concludes: “It is worth thinking immediately about hiring someone who knows the mechanics of production and YouTube, as well as team management. People who have experience in the industry, and are not “storytellers” from YouTube videos. I am surprised that such activities or conversions have not emerged. There is no workforce , not a private rescue group, unless they're drinking coffee and looking at the declining ratings bars. It's the names or the formats that drive the project. There's no other way. There have to be attractive new ideas. Otherwise, when we come back to this conversation in a few months, We will discuss further removed programs and cost reductions in the Sports Channel.

In 2022, Channel Sportowy doubled its revenue to PLN 24.07 million, and its net profit increased from PLN 1.6 million to PLN 5.57 million. It paid a dividend of PLN 4 million to shareholders. Kanał Sportowy's main YouTube channel currently has 1.02 million subscribers, and 4.5 thousand have been published there. The material recorded a total of 685 million views.

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