The government has promised to reduce fuel prices starting today.  We check the reaction of gas stations

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I remember that VAT rate on fuel The engine is down 23 percent. Up to 8 percent of this amount, will be applied until the end of July. On Friday, analysts wrote that from February 1, “refueling will be much cheaper.”

BM Reflex analysts calculate how much drivers can gain from these changes. “With the vending machine, retail prices will include low value-added tax, which will bring Reductions of approximately PLN 0.70/liter of gasoline and diesel and about PLN 0.3/liter of self-gas– Ursula Celak and Ravi Ziort wrote in the commentary. In their opinion, in practice, this should mean that Prices at petrol stations It should be reduced to a level:

  • 5.25 PLN per liter of Pb95 gasoline;
  • 5.30 PLN per liter of diesel fuel;
  • 2.75 PLN per liter of self-propelled gas.

Shield against fuel price inflation

Still more expensive than last year. “However, it must be remembered that not all price increases from the wholesale market have been translated into retail, and therefore Reduced fuel prices at stations on February 1 should not last for longSelak and Ziort warn.

As a result of the recent increases, the effect of the first anti-inflation shield was greatly limited. After December 20 last year, prices at stations decreased on average by more than 0.20 PLN for gasoline and oil and 0.15 PLN / liter of self-gas, i.e. to the following levels: 95 PLN unleaded gasoline – 5.77 PLN / liter, for diesel – 5.78 zlotys / l and autogas – 3.21 PLN / l – BM Reflex analysts calculate.

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Reduce value-added tax on fuel. Have the prices dropped at the stations?

On February 1, fuel prices at stations decreased significantly. We checked the stations in the area that we pass through daily and use. We compare prices on January 31 in the afternoon or evening and February 1 in the morning.

Warsaw, Moya Gas Station, ul. stanzic

Legionowo (Mazowieckie county), PKN Orlen gas station, ul. Zegrzyńska

Warsaw, Cycle K Gas Station, ul. Yugoslavia

Olsztyn, Amec Gas Station, UL. Polish Army

Warsaw, Shell Gas Station, ul. Kleszczowa

Motorway A2, MOP Baranów

Turek (Greater Poland Voivodeship), PKN Orlen . gas station

Have fuel prices dropped at the station in your area? Or maybe they haven’t changed? Please send photos with the name of the city and the street in which the station is located through the platform

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