The CEO got a raise.  He will earn much more than the president and prime minister

The Regulation of the Prime Minister of April 27, 2023 on remuneration and awards for the Chairman of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority, his deputies and the remuneration of members of this commission (Journal of Laws for 2023, item 813) entered into force on May 1. .

It assumes that the amount of remuneration of the commission chairman and his deputy is determined on the basis of the amount of the average wage in the national economy in the previous calendar year (data published by the Central Statistical Office – ed.) and the appropriate multiplier. In the case of the Chairman of the KNF, this multiple is 13, and for his deputies – 11.

In February 2023, the Central Statistical Office announced that the average gross salary in the national economy in 2022 was 6,346.15 PLN. After multiplying this amount by 13, we find out that the monthly salary of Jacek Jastrzębski, i.e. the current chairman of the KNF, is a total of 82,499.95 PLN as of May 1st. His three deputies (Rafał Mikusiński, Marcin Mikołajczyk and Krystian Wiercioch) will receive a total of 69,807.65 PLN (11 x 6,346.15 PLN).

According to the regulation, the KNF chairman and his deputies are also entitled to an annual bonus. It will be paid in December and will amount to “120 percent of their monthly salary”.

In June 2022, the daily “Rzeczpospolita” indicated that under previous regulations, the KNF chairman’s wages were not determined on the basis of the average wage in the national economy, but on the basic amount of civil service members (approx. 1800 zlotys). In the case of calculating the basic salary, a multiplier of 6.2 was used, which gives about PLN 11,000. PLN total. The final amount of salary was influenced by two more components – job allowance (2 x base amount) and the so-called bonus, which is 125 percent. Basic salary and job bonus. After summarizing it, it gave about 33 thousand. Total PLN per month, less than 400 thousand. total per year. The annual salary of a civil servant today is about PLN 990,000. PLN total.

Even before the increase, Jacek Jastrzebski could boast of higher earnings than Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (about PLN 20.5 gross per month) and President Andrzej Duda (PLN 25 thousand total per month). The current remuneration of the head of the KNF can be compared with another high-ranking government official in charge of the financial system, that is, the head of the NBP. According to the data published on the website of this institution, Adam Glapiński earned a total of PLN 1.3 million in 2022, which is about PLN 108.3 thousand. PLN per month.

– I think I have about 600,000 in my account a year, – said the head of the National Bank of Poland himself during the April conference after the meeting of the Monetary Policy Council.

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