Spain in the semi-finals of the European Basketball Championship.  Professor Rudy Fernandez

Spain does not have superstars on its list this time, but it has proven once again that it is a group that can handle even difficult situations. The team from the Iberian Peninsula is already in the semi-finals of the European Championship.

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Rudy Fernandez

Getty Images/Pictured: Rudy Fernandez

It was not an easy match for the Spaniards. There was a moment when Finland led by fifteen points (48:33). However, everything changed after switching sides. Sergio Scarello’s players rose to the top.

The Spaniards moved to attack, and at the same time they found a way to stop the ambitious Finns. Willie Hernangomez was brilliant, dominating the basket, scoring 27 points throughout the game.

The team from the Iberian Peninsula won the third quarter 30:15 and the fourth 27:23. She turned it around in the second half and beat Finland 100-90.

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Rudy Fernandez was amazing in the end. The 37-year-old scored a key interception and then also hit two of his three, finishing off his opponents. A veteran player on the European dance floor, a former player also for NBA clubs, he threw 11 “points” on Tuesday.

Finland, who reached the quarter-finals quite unexpectedly by defeating Croatia, this time not even Lori Markkanen, who scored 28 points, was enough to succeed. The Finnish star also collected 11 balls. Lorenzo Brown scored 11 assists for the Spaniards.

The Spaniards scored 33 points after losing their opponents. They also have much better alternatives. Their even and extremely solid composition turned out to be a huge advantage. The players of the second level scored 53 points, while the players of the Finnish reserve team were awarded only 26 “points”.

In the semi-finals, Spain will face the winner of the quarter-finals, Greece – Germany.


Spain – Finland 100:90 (19:30, 24:22, 30:15, 27:23)

Spain: Willy Hernangomez 27, Juancho Hernangomez 15, Dario Briziola 14, Rudy Fernandez 11, Lorenzo Brown 10, Osman Garuba 7, Alberto Diaz 6, Joel Parra 5, Jaime Pradella 3, Xabi Lopez Arostegui 2.

Finland: Lauri Markkanen 28, Mikael Jantunen 18, Alexander Madsen 13, Sassou Saleen 11, Miro Little 6, Shaun Hoff 5, Elias Valtonen 4, Petteri Koponen 3, Edon Makchoni 2.

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