Sons of the Forest debut.  Gamers are rave about the sequel to The Forest, but it's still far from breaking records

The Forest unexpectedly took the PC and console markets by storm, convincing literally millions of players. Players have been waiting for many years to get a full sequel to the fantastic survival story.

The first edition of The Forest was a huge success, and by 2018 it had officially sold 5.3 million copies, and that score has probably doubled now. Sons of the Forest itself, after years of anticipation, received such hype that in the first 24 hours after its Early Access premiere, two million copies were sold. It's been exactly a year since then, and we can finally say that Endnight Games' work has its full version!

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Yes, exactly on February 22, update 1.0 debuted, thanks to Sons of the Forest officially leaving Early Access and becoming a complete work – at least until the next content updates. This is of course linked to increased interest and new reviews from players, and they are very happy with what they got. The average rating for the game over the past two days is 90% out of 1,500 reviews, so we can confidently call it a success.

Since its Early Access release, the game has received nearly 160,000 reviews from the community. Unfortunately, the game can't build on the same craziness as Helldivers or Last Epoch, because it's currently being played by 44,000 players, which is 370,000 fewer people than Sons of the Forest's peak a year ago.

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