The creators of Denuvo have introduced a new security solution for gaming.  The “innovative” TraceMark aims to prevent gameplay and data leaks
Mark 18 2024, 22:16

The creators of Denuvo anti-piracy software, Irdeto, have unveiled new technology that allows developers to place watermarks in games to help determine who is responsible for a data leak.

CD Projekt Red, Rockstar Games, Insomniac Games – these are just a few of the companies that have fallen victim to data leaks in recent years. Although developers of various types of security measures do their best to limit these types of threats, cybercriminals always find a way to bypass them. However, soon, cyber thieves will have a new opponent in the form of TraceMark – Proprietary technology from the creators of Denuvo and Irdeto.

Tool presented during GDC 2024 It works similarly to a watermark that allows developers to add a unique identifier to game files. This means that if something is posted online, it shouldn't be; It will be easier for developers or publishers to find the source of the leak. In theory, this should be a major drawback for people who plan to make confidential data (such as gameplay) public.

This is an innovative solution […] It represents a step forward in protecting the creative and financial investments of game developers around the world. […] TraceMark is our commitment to ensuring that these valuable resources are protected throughout their entire life cycle, explains Irdeto Vice President Nils Haverkorn (via IGN).

According to the information provided by the creators, TraceMark aims to cover both visible and invisible watermarking technologies. The company noted that the technology should be particularly useful in game development, when developers send copies for early testing, closed betas, and reviews.

Most gamers are well aware of examples of the disastrous impact of Denuvo on game performance. However, in the case of TraceMark it will be different. The creators promise that the technology will be able to secure production content “without compromising the player experience.”

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