A new report sheds light on why Apple isn’t really bragging about the capabilities of its components in the iPhone 14 Pro.

Best Qualcomm and MediaTek chips of 2023 – Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 And the Dimension 9200 – Stand out with hardware support for ray tracing. Although Apple has often shot its own units, this time not only has it outperformed its competitors, it hasn’t kept up with them.

It seems that the original plans were completely different, but not everything went as planned by Apple.

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Apple has a recommendation when building a new GPU for the iPhone 14 Pro

Information site published An extensive article on the problems faced by the Apple division that has been handling chip production for several years. Speech, among other things about the departure of key employees or disagreements with the startups he founded.

Particularly interesting is the development story of the A16 Bionic chip for iPhone 14 Pro. According to the report, Apple was developing a brand new graphics chip for its flagships this year, which was supposed to support ray tracing technology and provide a much better visual experience in games.

Late in development, however, the company found a serious engineering flaw that caused the unit to draw too much power and give off more heat than the simulations assumed. It should have been too late to make design changes, so before starting mass production, Apple had to decide to use only slightly modified graphics from the iPhone 13 Pro.

These reports make sense when you look back Show iPhone 14 Pro. Apple has so far been eager to show off graphs that show a jump in power compared to the previous generation, but this time around the company has only bragged about an increase in CPU performance. In the context of the GPU, “high memory bandwidth” is briefly mentioned (from 1:17:03).

The information describes this failure as “unprecedented in the history of the silicon development group”. Apple has so far attached great importance to the performance of its chips.

It is likely that the giant did not completely abandon his plans, but only postponed them in time. So you can expect the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro to support ray tracing games.

Miron Norsky, Managing Editor of Komórkomania

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