Something strange is happening inside Jupiter.  Secrets are revealed through a great stigma

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and consists of about 75 percent of the mass. Hydrogen is 24 percent helium and 1 percent other elements. In the atmosphere you can find trace amounts of, among others: water vapor, methane, ammonia as well as carbon, sulfur, ethane and oxygen.

The planet has Dense essenceWhich in turn is surrounded by liquid metallic hydrogen with added helium, and then there is an outer layer consisting mainly of molecular hydrogen – this is the general outline of the structure of this celestial body. Unfortunately, scientists have not yet been able to discover more details. Thanks to new research, this may change.

Jupiter's magnetic field is about 20 times stronger than Earth's magnetic field. There are magnetic north and south poles on the gas giant, causing the magnetic field lines from these regions to connect with each other.

Scientists noticed this There is a true cosmic singularity at Jupiter's equator. The so-called Great Blue Spot is named after the color coding of magnetic fields, red for north and blue for south (so the spot is not actually blue).

In the latest analyses, researchers looked at AirplaneWhich was associated with the Great Blue Spot. Research has revealed periodic changes in the strength of the magnetic field in the spot. According to the initial theory, it was supposed to be related to the heat flow that occurs deep in the “ocean” of metallic hydrogen. However, calculations suggest that the change in convection currents may take centuries, while observed changes are much faster.

Therefore, researchers expanded their concept. They mentioned that Fluctuations They are like waves that repeat every four years. There are currently two new hypotheses that may explain this unusual phenomenon.

The first says that oscillations can be produced by Oscillations around the planet's rotation axisWhile the second indicates that they are responsible for this Vali Alvina. These are magnetohydrodynamic waves, which are transverse waves in an ionized gas in a magnetic field.

As the scientists wrote in their scientific article: “This opens the way for… Revealing the hidden aspects of the magnetic field In the metallic hydrogen region, thus reducing the dynamo generation of Jupiter's magnetic field.

The results of the research were published in a prestigious international scientific journal nature.

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