Account Verification in InPost Mobile App - 3 Main Stages

InPost Mobile, convenient for Parcel Lockers, among other things, requires user verification from time to time. This is a process that must be followed in order not to get the account banned. From the moment the first message is sent, the user has 21 days to do so.

User account verification process in InPost Mobile App It is suggested from time to time when you start the program, but it can also be used Start manually from Settings. It’s about making sure that the phone number still works in practice sign in User who allows Handling packets addressed to a specific person. The recipient’s mobile phone number is an essential component of the entire package servicing process by InPost.

Verification in InPost Mobile is to enter the application 6-digit codeWhich is automatically sent via SMS to the number provided during registration. If the SIM card is still inserted in a particular smartphone, Code can “rewrite” itself (Depending on the rights assigned) from the SMS in the appropriate field of the form. As a result, the user only has to press the only button available in the application several times in a row, and the whole process will take half a minute at worst.

Account Verification in InPost Mobile App - 3 Main Stages
Image source: © dobreprogramy | Oscar Ziomk

Account Verification in InPost Mobile App – 3 Main Stages

InPost Mobile allows you to track the status of packages that InPost handles. The program allows long-term, among other things Remote open parcel lockersTo collect parcels without touching the device screen, and for several weeks – Also when sending your parcels and returns. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Oskar Ziumk, journalist at Komorkomania newspaper

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