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League top scorer this season, convicted of drunk driving Pekka Nona

League top scorer this season, convicted of drunk driving Pekka Nona

Rafay Wolsky got into trouble on the night of August 16-17, 2021. Police patrol noticed the strange Mercedes he was driving at the wheel pick. According to, the car was to pass over the tram track. The examination showed that Wolski was under the influence of alcohol. He had 1.7 per mile in his blood.

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Rafai Wolsky was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. The court revoked his driver’s license and fined him

– The driver did not comply with the C9 road sign (“Drive on the right side of the sign”). Therefore, the car was stopped for inspection, during which it turned out that the driver was drunk – said the young inspector Sebastian Glau of the Krakow police, citing the aforementioned portal.

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Less than a year later, this case became final. On February 8, 2022, the District Court sentenced Rafai Volsky to a fine of 7,500 PLN. He was also denied his driver’s license for three years. In addition, the football player must pay 5,000 PLN to the Victim Assistance Fund. The prosecutor’s office demanded a more severe sentence, but the district court in Krakowby a decision of July 15, 2022, upheld the trial judgment. contacted Rafał Wolski to ask about the case. The footballer vowed to call back. However, he did not do so and did not answer any further calls, and Wisła Płock’s spokesman, Maciej Wiącek, told reporters he “knew nothing about it”.

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Rafai Volsky is one of the best players this season Ekstraklasa. It’s largely thanks to him Game and gates, Wiza Book He is currently top of the table with 16 points in the account and a five-point advantage over second Legia Warszawa. The 29-year-old has scored five goals so far and is the leading scorer, leveling with teammate Davo Alvarez.

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