slag.  Scenes after the Extraliga match.  The highway racer broke the arm of … a propeller

Only in the penultimate round of the main stage of the Ekstraliga motorway did Pethard Sparta find Wrocław an conqueror. On Friday in Leszno, Unia turned out to be better (48:42), but who knows if Byków’s victory will be talked about as often as the work of guest player Tai Woffinden after the end of the match.

slag. Wolves Krosno have been relegated from PGE Ekstraliga

Sylvester Wilkie Crosnow will leave Speedway after the season. Podkarpacie’s team lost Friday’s away game with For Nature Solutions Apator …

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Although there is no shortage of great action on the track, the most exciting of them all happened on the safety lane between the track and the guest sector. A bloody fan from Leszno appeared in front of the fans of Sparta, making obscene gestures towards the group from Wroclaw.

inOffline It is a Wroclaw fan favorite, after all He represented Sparta for eleven years. No wonder the fans reacted to what happened a moment later. The Briton approached the agitator from behind and knocked him down.

tMMA fighters will not shy away from this action. The security guard quickly ran to the lying fan and escorted him towards the sector occupied by the home audience. Unia Leszno reports that as a result of the accident, one of the rebellious fans broke … his arm.

It is known that in addition to the hand injury, the Lezno fan will also feel the effects of his prank in the financial dimension. The same awaits the federation, which did not properly secure the guest sector area. Wovenden, who may have used excessive force, is likely to be punished.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time MMA has been mentioned in the context of Woffinden. last year british Three times world champion in motorcyclingI decided to challenge him to a duel Leon Madsen. However, the confrontation did not happen – the Danish club Włókniarz Częstochowa did not agree to this.

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