slag.  PSŻ chased the eagle without success.  Marek Šilak’s first victory in the new club!

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Krupa / Pictured: Niels Christian Iversen

Konrad Sinkowski

The victory of H. Skrzydlewska Orła ódź (47:43) ended the Saturday meeting of the First Speedway League in Poznań. Visitors can be satisfied with the result achieved, even though the hosts set high standards for them.

The meeting started with a double victory for H. Skrzydlewska Orła Łódź. The duo of Timo Lahti and Tomas Gabinski shot well from under the bar, and Antonio Lindbäck did not succeed in pressing between them. The Swede did his best to split up the competition, but Gapiński was driving incredibly defensively.

And it was the beginning of the thunder that fell on Ipsby Poznań. The hosts did not fare well in the first series of starts. After the start, it was 5:1 for the guests, and coach Thomas Bajerski complained about not making it to the first turn.

However, Adrian Cyfer has proven that you can have opponents behind your back already in the first meters. This resulted in only three finishes in the first four races.

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The next series of starts did not change much on the scoreboard, because although it was clear that the hosts were doing better, the eight-point lead in favor of the visitors still remained. However, the Scorpions managed to win two singles heats, which were played by Kevin Favre and Antonio Lindbäck. The Swede earned himself for being released onto the track in the eighth round as a tactical reserve.

However, it was not a successful maneuver, because Lindbaeck reached between the opponents, which gave the Lodz team an advantage of ten points. This situation did not last long, because in the ninth race the duo of Sievert-Salk and Fager made up two points, but the guests were still in a better position.

– We took advantage of the start and the surprise. You can see they are chasing us, so full focus on running away from them and not getting stressed – said Jakub Jamrog on Canal + Sport 5.

The goal that Jamróg spoke of was not achieved by his team. The hosts worked hard to make up for the losses and were partially successful. Before the favorite rounds, Ebebe PSŻ was only losing 37:41. Such a result would mean that a double win in the fourteenth heat would give us a draw before the fifteenth heat of the day.

We had to wait for the candidate runs, because the starting machine had been checked. This did not go evenly many times, which the Lodz team reported, but despite two obvious such instances, none of the races was repeated by the referee.

The last two heats are a mutual exchange of scores 4: 2. In the end, the Lodz team won 47:43. The visitors’ leaders won with 11 points – Jakub Gamrog and Nils Christian Iversen. The hosts can see the positives in Jonas Seifert-Salk’s position. Dane first drove on the power units of Peter Johns, who accompanied him to the machine park. The result was as remarkable as his day.

punctuation marks:
ebebe PSŻ Poznań – 43 points
9. Kevin Favre – 10 (0,3,1,3,3)
10. Adrian Cypher – 4 (3,1,-,u,0)
11. Antonio Lindbeck – 11 (1,3,2,1,3,1)
12. Adrian Gala – 0 (0, w, -, d)
13. Casper Mateusz Grzylac – 0 (-, -, -, -, -)
14. Karol Zubinski – 3 (2,0,0,1)
15. Casper Tesca – 0 (0,0,-)
16. Jonas Seifert Salk – 15 (2,2,3,3,3,2)

H Skrzydewska Eagle Lodz – 47 points
1. Timo Lahti – 10 (3,3,2,2,0)
2. Matthews Tonder – 4 (1,1,0,2)
3. Tomasz Jabinski – 5 + 1 (2*, t, 1,1,1)
4. Jacob Gamrog – 11 (2,2,3,1,3)
5. Nils Christian Iversen – 11 (3,2,2,2,2)
6. Matthews Doll – 3 + 1 (1.1*,
7. Alexander Grigoliks – 3 (3.0, s)
8. Jacob Sroka – N.S

Running after running:
1. (68.60) Lahti, Gabinski, Lindback, Favre – 1:5 – (1:5)
2. (69.97) Grygolec, upiński, Dul, Teska – 2:4 – (3:9)
3. (68.28) Iversen, sv Salik, Tonder, Gala – 2:4 – (5:13)
4. (68.00) Cyfer, Jamróg, Dul, upiński – 3:3 – (8:16)
5. (67.73) Lindbaeck, Jamróg, Dul, Gala (w) – 3:3 – (11:19)
6. (68.21) Lahti, Sv Salik, Tonder, Tesca – 2:4 – (13:23)
7. (67.94) Fajr, Iverson, Cypher, Gregolik – 4:2 – (17:25)
8. (67.88) Jamróg, Lindbaeck, Gapinski, Zupinski – 2:4 – (19:29)
9. (67.30) Sv Salik, Lahti, Fajr, Tonder – 4:2 – (23:31)
10. (67.13) Sv Salk, Iversen, Lindbäck, Dole (w) – 4:2 – (27:33)
11. (67.50) Fajr, Lahti, Jamruj, Gala (D) – 3:3 – (30:36)
12. (67, 18) Lindbaek, Tunder, Zubinski, Gregolek (w) – 4:2 – (34:38)
13. (67.54) sv Salk, Iversen, Jabinski, Cyfer (u) – 3:3 – (37:41)
14. (67.56) Jamróg, Seifert-Salk, Gapiński, Cyfer – 2:4 – (39:45)
15. (67.38) Fajr, Iversen, Lindback, Lahti – 4:2 – (43:47)

viewers: about 2000
non-infectious: 67.31 – Jonas Seifert-Salk in Race X.
Judge: Remigiusz Substyk

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