Tears and affection.  Marcelo cried during the speech

The former star is considered the most successful footballer in the club’s history. Marcelo moved to Madrid in 2007 and has been associated with the club ever since. Once he appears at the Santiago Bernabeu facility, he is said to be the successor to the legendary Roberto Carlos. As it turned out, the experts were correct in evaluating the player’s potential. However, reality exceeded the expectations of people associated with Real, because Marcelo during his football career in Spain, together with Real Madrid, won as many as 25 titles.

The footballer could not stand his emotions at the beginning of his speech and needed a moment to start his speech. Marcelo started by thanking his teammates with whom he was able to play in the royal colors for years – the coaches I’ve worked with, the staff who work with the team who have been like my family. People who work at the Real Madrid facility, security guards – said the footballer now and then, trying to take deep breaths so he wouldn’t completely cry.

After a while, the Brazilian added: We only play football. But I want to say that in order for us to do our job well, there is a crew of people who take care of our equipment, our shoes, our shirts. This is what I learned with the riyal. I would like to thank everyone at Real Madrid. Thanks to everyone in the back. When I talk about dirty work, you get me. I’m talking about you standing in the back, said the player leaving the club.

The footballer confirmed that when he left Brazil, he dreamed of playing for a great European team in the Champions League. As a teenager, he signed a contract with Real Madrid. – It was a great adventure. I always thought I could go far and today I will leave the club as the player who has won the most trophies in its history – he made sure to finish his statement.

Carlo AncelotiaCarlo Ancelotti – YouTube / You Tube

In the farewell meeting, there were also great characters from the Real. Raul was among the guests. Carlo Ancelotti and Florentino Perez sat in the front row. The Real Madrid coach at one time was affected by the footballer’s speech, which was captured by the club’s camera, relaying the entire event.

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