The former FC Barcelona player will be charged with organ trafficking.  A major scandal in Spain

Eric Abidal, a former Barcelona player, may be charged with organ trafficking on the black market. And “El Confidencial” reported that the former president of the Catalan club, Sandro Rosell, was also involved in the case.

In 2012, Eric Abidal, then a Camp Nou player, had to undergo a liver transplant. It was the only chance to defeat a cancer that seriously threatened the defender’s life.

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However, the search for an organ donor was very difficult. A breakthrough in the case turned out to be the appearance of an alleged cousin, Gerard Armand, who was going to give a Frenchman some of his liver. Joint photos of both men have been published.

After a successful treatment, Armand himself swore that he did not receive even a single euro from the player for his help. His gesture was motivated by the reaction of the heart, although after several years, the police began to detect malfunctions in the men’s activities.

I didn’t get anything from it, and I didn’t even earn a penny. I gave my liver to save Abidal’s life, he’s a member of my family – He said in 2018 in an interview with “LaDepeche”.

If the judiciary has any doubts about this, come on, I’m at their disposal. I have nothing to hide I swear “cousin” of the player.

It turned out that the judiciary not only had doubts, but also initiated proceedings. The story is now coming to an end, which may be tragic for Armand, but especially for Eric Abidal and Sandro Rosell, who was president of FC Barcelona in 2012.

“El Confidencial” reported that the National Institute of Toxicology conducted a series of biological tests, which showed no link between the former footballer of the “Catalan Duma” and his “cousin” the miracle.

Spanish media add that this may be reason enough for the prosecution to press serious charges. Eric Abidal and Sandro Rosell may soon be charged with organ trafficking on the black market.

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