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Source: Eurosport Results after the first round of the team competition on Saturday in Planica

After the first round, Austria is in third place, 0.1 points ahead of Norway. There is no doubt that the best Slovenians are on top so far. Fourth Poland.

Stefan Kraft finishes the first round. The winner of the individual competition today shaved 235.5m.

Halvor Egner Granerud has redeemed himself a little for the individual competition – now he has made 234.5 m. Norway’s loss to Slovenia is 11.7 points.

Same attempt by Piotr, but from the seventh ray, Anże Laniska! Slovenes take the lead.

Video: Eurosport Żyły’s flight from the first series of Saturday’s team competition in Planica

239.5 meters away! The second great leap for a pole. Our team is ahead of the Germans by 42.8 points!

Piotr Żyła, who did a great job in the individual competition, will vault from the eighth beam.

A great attempt by Andreas Wellinger – 240m, as big as Letalnica. The Germans held their ground.

Ryoyu Kobayashi also rose a meter. The Japanese are about 29 points behind Switzerland. Thanks all for trying Oman excellent.

224.5m – this is the result of Gregor Deschuanden. The Swiss can be pleased with himself.

Andrew Urlup flew 172.5 m. The Americans will also not advance to the second series.

Nikita Duetkin started it with a completely unsuccessful attempt – 117.5 m. The Kazakhs said goodbye to the season after the first round.

The fourth and final set in this series is ahead!

Poles in fourth place. Big loss to Slovenia – 64.9 points.

Austria will be third in the group, behind Norway. Jan Hoerl reached 231.5m.

The impressive result of Robert Johansson – 237.5 m gives the Norwegians second place, but also an increase in the advantage over the Poles.

The judges decided to lower the bar to eighth place. Timi Zajc shaved 232.5 meters away from him, and Slovenia, of course, will still be ahead.

Video: Eurosport Stoch ride from the first series of the team competition on Saturday at Planica

Great performance from Poland! 233.5m, two “twenties” from the judges, well done Kamel! Poles outperform Germany by more than 33 points!

It’s time for a third full-stoch pole!

Carl Geiger landed 228 metres. Germany before Switzerland.

The Swiss will overtake Japan, because Junichiro Kobayashi jumped only 193.5 meters.

Great attempt by almost 42-year-old Simon Ammann – 219.5m.

182.5m – this is the distance that Eric Belshaw got.

Sabirzhan Muminov was the first in the third group – 158m.

At the halfway point of the first series, the Poles led by one place. They are in fourth place.

Michael Hayboeck jumps beautifully. 229.5 m – this is the third distance between the teams. After the second set, the Austrians lost their leading position to the Slovenes. 7.8 points on a snowboarding hill is not a huge advantage.

Nice try also by Benedik Jakobsen Heggli. 232m is his new personal record. Norway loses 9.3 points to the Slovenes.

Domaine Prevc hit 240.5 meters! Tremendous trip! Slovenes nearly 46 points over the Poles!

Video: Eurosport Wąsek’s flight from the first series of Planica’s Saturday Team Competition

204 m allows the pole to overtake Japan and Switzerland. The question is how will competitors do?

We are now counting on a good try by Bowie Vasek, for him it is the first try on Saturday.

Upset after his attempt Marcus Eisenbichler – 202.5m Germany behind Japan and Switzerland.

Keiichi Sato jumped 191.5m, and the Japanese held their place.

Kilian Pier rose 190 m. The Swiss had a huge advantage over the Americans, which is why they are ahead of them.

The wind was blowing even harder now. Decker Dean climbed 198 meters.

18-year-old Svyatoslav Nazarenko started the second group – 155.5 meters flew the Kazakh.

– You can say that at the moment everyone is standing at the starting blocks, – noted Eurosport commentator Igor Pachut after the first set. The Poles are in fifth place. However, they are only 7.5 points behind the top Austrians.

Daniel Chovenig finished first in the group of jumpers. The Austrians are 225.5 in the lead! 2.2 points ahead of Norway.

Norway leads after the first attempt by Johan Andre Furfang – 222.5m and 2.9 points ahead of Japan.

The Slovenes land behind the Poles. Lovro Kos descends at an altitude of 220 metres. Huge crowd at the top.

Video: Eurosport Destroyer’s flight from the first series of the team competition on Saturday in Planica

219.5 m, which means that the Poles are in third place, but with minor losses to the Japanese and Swiss.

It’s time for pole vaulter Aleksandr Zneczkul on the cruise!

The Germans certainly hoped for a better entry in the competition. Felix Hoffmann flew 201.5m.

Every trip is more beautiful. Japan’s Naoki Nakamura landed four meters away from Switzerland.

Ahead was the Swiss Americans – Remy Imhoff drew results from the individual competition, flying 219 meters.

The United States will be ahead of Kazakhstan – Casey Larson reached 177 meters.

The competition was started by Daniil Vasiliev. From the eleventh beam, the Kazakh jumped 173.5 m.

It’s time for the last team competition of the season. Nine teams to start. Will we see Poles on the podium?

Polish coach Thomas Thornbeckler summed up the individual competition.

Video: Eurosport Thurnbichler after Saturday’s individual competition in Planica

Of the remaining red whites, Stoch was 10th, Dumar was 14th, and Stękała was 40th.

Source: Eurosport Results of the singles competition on Saturday in Planica. Places 1-10

In the end, Halvor Egner Granerud had problems after leaving the threshold and flying 231 meters, and the Norwegian finished the competition in fourth place. Kraft won, Lanisek finished second, and ya!

Video: Eurosport Kraft’s journey from the individual competition on Saturday in Planica

239.5m from Stefan Kraft! Up to three “20” notes! Austrian leader!

Timi Zajc lurched through the air, eventually reaching 231.5 metres, with the Slovenian coming in fourth.

Domen Prevc is clearly not satisfied with itself – 220m and only eighth place.

236 m Anże Laniska! Another amazing trip. The Slovenian is ahead of Sheila, who is the leader.

Video: Eurosport Żya’s journey from the solo competition on Saturday at Planica

Pewter ya’s great joy! 234 meters! Polish leader!

Jan Huerl flew high and far! 236m, a new personal best for the Austrian, which includes the lead.

Andreas Wellinger reached 214.5m.

Ryoyu Kobayashi flew 225 m. This gives the Japanese the fifth place.

Michael Hayboeck jumped 210m.

Long flight Daniel Chovingig – 223.5 m. The Austrian is the third.

Marcus Eisenbichler jumped 211m.

210.5m from Manuel Wittner.

222m by Robert Johansson. Sixth place for the Norwegian.

Daniel Andre Tandy reached 199.5m.

Video: Eurosport Stoch’s ride from Saturday’s individual competition in Planica

225m from Kamil Stoch. Plus, in pretty style, because one of the judges gave a score of “20”. Pole is currently in third place.

Gregor Deschuanden jumped further, because with a mile of 229.5 the Swiss are now in the lead.

Johann Andre Furfang flew 227.5 meters and took the lead.

Video: Eurosport The devastating journey from the individual competition on Saturday in Planica

Good trip by Aleksander Znieszkul. 222.5 m and second place.

Naoki Nakamura flew 211m.

Christopher Eriksen Sundal did not appear – 181.5, but the wind did not help the Norwegian either.

Carl Geiger reached 201m.

Giovanni Bresadola flew 213.5m.

Nikko Kitosaho jumped 212.5m.

Simon Oman reached 207 m.

Marusiak also holds a personal record – 213.5 m.

Alex Insam achieved 207.5m.

Benedick Jacobsen Hughley flew away! 235 meters! The Norwegian has improved his personal record by one metre.

Sondre Ringen jumped 209.5m.

191.5m Decker Dean.

The joy of the Slovenian fans, because Rock Muscle flew 225 m and is the pioneer.

Felix Hoffmann reached 212 metres, but did not overtake the leader Egro. Germany is the second.

Mackenzie Boyd Close flew 193.5m.

Artti Aigro has reason to be happy. The Estonian reached 212 metres, the farthest in the competition so far.

Pius Pashki jumped 200.5m.

Video: Eurosport Stękała’s flight from the individual competition took place on Saturday in Planica

Andrei Stockawa spreads his hands. no wonder. 176.5 meters

Fatih Ardi Ipsioglu flew 190.5m.

Constantine Schmid reached 199m.

We start the competition. The first to jump was Remo Imhoff, who reached 200 metres.

There are 40 competitors on the start list, including four poles: Andrzej Stękała, Aleksander Zniszczoł, Kamil Stoch and Piotr Żyła.

Friday’s competition was not held in Planica due to unfavorable weather conditions. The jury kept everyone in suspense for several hours before finally announcing the decision to postpone the individual competition to Saturday. – I didn’t like this management very much, – Eurosport correspondent Kacper Merk assessed the activities of the World Cup organizers.

Ski jumping on Saturday. The contestants will compete in the team competition, but before that, they still have to catch up. Singles battles, consisting of only one series, will begin at 8.45. It is broadcast on TVN, Eurosport 1 and Eurosport Extra in Player. Live coverage and results on

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