Is Luke's time calculated in the OD in the west?

We talked to Jenny recently, the most recently excluded onesOD in the west, We asked her why she and the other girls in Adventure 2 would have eliminated Luke if given the chance. I have to say that this is what she revealed to the boys during the Elimination.

When we said we wanted to get rid of a guy, whether in a relationship or not, I didn’t mention Luca, guys said his name “, She says first.” Later it was not shown in the amendment, but the comrades also said that they wanted to remove it. It was interesting to know.

I do not know their motives, but, on our side, Luke said something in his confession that hurt Audrey the most. », She agrees. This moment will not be shown on the broadcasts.

Quickly, we realized we were on a slippery slope, and the person in charge of the interview responded: ” Luke may one day answer that question when he comes out. “. Our interest increased!

In the statement of the party shown to us after this Thursday’s episode, Luke seems particularly shocked. He throws too ” Shut up, Nick Very sharp in confession. At the same party, Audrey and Sabrina will give us a live interview for a teenage movie. See all here.

Since the pictures discussed only consider Adventure 2, we can only imagine that Luca will not be leaving this Sunday. Although with Industry double, Everything is possible! To be continued!

Remember that Jenny is entitled to a special category OD Extra. Find out more here.

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