March 25, 2023


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Silver bear of the movie “Disco Boy”, which was also filmed in Podkarbasi. It’s an image prize

At the Berlin Film Festival, “Disco Boy” won the Silver Bear for Cinematography. – This wonderful news was announced a moment ago during the ceremony of one of the most important film festivals in Europe and the world – the Berlin International Film Festival – the Podkarpackie Film Committee reported.

Well done to Helen Lowart, amazing author of these wonderful images! Well done to the creators and team, congratulations Donten & Lacroix Films – it’s such an honor! And for us, that’s another great reason to be proud of him. “Disco Boy” is our co-production as part of the Podkarpackie Regional Film Fund – Happy Podkarpackie Film Committee. – Bravo, Podkarpacie Film!

Let’s remember. We wrote that “Disco Boy” was in the main competition of the Berlin International Film Festival. The Polish part of the film’s shoot took place in Podkarpacie, among others in Mrzygłod and Krościenko.

The main role was entrusted to the famous European actor Franz Rogowski (Shooting Star Berlinale), who played Disco Boy. The main character is Alexei – a native of Belarus, who decided to join the Foreign Legion in search of a better life. In exchange for serving in the army, he could receive a salary and a French passport. Alexey decides to go on this trip with Mikhail (Michał Palicki). Both friends cross the Polish border with a group of Belarusian fans. They quickly cut themselves off from their colleagues because their target is France…