Paradise Hotel.  A new participant has arrived in Zanzibar.  Annoys and tempts.  I already talked about plastic surgery

Although the fourth version of “Hotel Paradise” is only broadcasting as of August 30, it is already arousing a lot of emotions in viewers. There were many twists and turns in the last episode, and the newcomers look promising.

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Claudia Darsi forgive treason? “Depends on the situation – whether he is drunk or sober …”

Paradise Hotel 4 Cuba is no longer single, with whom does he mate?

The next episode of “Paradise Hotel” started with Cuba Rendezvous with three participants. The women decided that Maria created a new pair with Jacob, and thus Meuse became celibate. As revealed by Besta in a conversation with the most beautiful master Poetry, he had a feeling that his relationship with Maria would not develop, despite the fact that the participant is mostly his type.

At the moment, Maria treats her relationship with Jacob very carefully. During a night together, the girl separated from her partner with pillows and avoided eye contact when tasked with eating an apple.

Paradise Hotel 4 New participants entered the program

The next day, at breakfast, a new participant arrived in Zanzibar. Giovanni comes from Neaoplu, although his appearance suggests Scandinavian roots, which were immediately noticed by other participants. The new resident of the hotel has coached basketball in the past, and is interested in the automobile industry, although he also admits he has an artistic soul. Giovanni immediately drew attention to Natalia, who is currently paired with ukasz.

Unexpectedly, on the same day, another participant, Carolina, also joined the program. Young blonde interested in engines. She revealed that she has a strong personality. From the start, she dealt with Miłosz and Giovanni, eventually becoming the partner of a Neapolitan. She revealed that her nose is beautiful and everyone suspected that she had an operation. She admitted that she does not like to play with appearance.

How do you like the new subscribers of “Paradise Hotel”?

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