Claudia Halleggio traveled to Dubai with her partner and child.  Pictures

Claudia Halligsio The last year witnessed a real revolution in her personal life. In June 2021, she became a mother for the first time. The artist had announced the good news through her personal account on Instagram, where she participated in the dance of joy directly from the delivery room. The star gave birth to a baby girl named Nella.

However, this was not the end of the changes in the life of the actress known to viewers from “First Love” or “Hotel 52”. In mid-July, Halejcio shared a photo taken in front of the new villa. According to media reports, the star and her lover were to pay 9 million PLN for their new home!

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The unfortunate passion of Claudia Halleggio

However, the start of 2022 wasn’t very kind to Klaudia Halejcio. On Valentine’s Day, she was robbed in Paris, where she celebrated with her lover. The star lost several thousand zlotys, and told the network about the scenes of the event:

The hotel manager informed us about it and mentioned that we are in one of the best hotels in Paris. He told us some weird stories, he didn’t care and he was cheating on us all day. They didn’t want to give us the cameras, because obviously you have to report the case to the police (…) The best part is why we left this Polish money (…). Mainly because they steal super on the streets. So we didn’t wear it, we felt safe in a good hotel. (…) It’s strange that in such a good hotel the manager can’t handle the matter, he doesn’t care about us

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As if that wasn’t enough, Helejcio rented her nine million zloty villa to a film crew who successfully tested the limits of celebrity endurance. The star admitted during the Instagram Live that she couldn’t look at the chaos in her home:

I did not want to see him, because he who knows me and stays with me longer, knows that I am pedantic and crazy and everything must be put in order and refined. Mentally, I wouldn’t take it up on the topic by seeing what’s going on here. I’ve always said, “I’m not going to let the movie crew into my house in my life.” And they convinced me. You mentioned, “Okay, we’ll give you a house because it’s a nice project, but I can’t look at it.”

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Claudia Halleggio traveled to Dubai with her partner and child

On the penultimate weekend of February, the celebrity said “Enough”! Halejcio decided to rest after the recent turmoil, so she traveled to Dubai with her partner and child. You can find photos of the star from the capital’s airport in the gallery below!


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