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Should trams “talk” so much?


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Should public transportation vehicles have audio messages regarding the line number and direction of travel? Opinions on this matter are divided. Supporters assert that this will make it easier for the elderly and the blind, and opponents point out that it will negatively affect travel comfort.

What voice messages can be heard on the tram?

Today, on most buses and trams in Gdańsk, passengers can follow the route the vehicle is moving on special passenger information screens. In addition, on the tram they are informed of an audible message about the next stop.

There are also “special” stops where additional audio messages appear. This happens, for example, at a bus stop Miszewski Miniatura Theatre (Read in a child’s voice) f Baltic Opera (Here the name is “Song”).

For some time, messages regarding the obligation to cover the nose and mouth in connection with the coronavirus pandemic could also be heard on public transport.

Sometimes there is also sound information related to, for example, cultural or sporting events.

Sung announces the discontinuation of “Opera Bałtycka”.

Voice messages on buses and trams. Will it be longer?

Gdansk advisor Anna Golodzinowska The city asked if the number of voice messages should not be higher.

– In response to the needs reported by the population, I require that buses and trams contain, in addition to the announced name of the stop, information about the line number and direction of travel (eg Jaśkowa Dolina stop, line 115, Jaworzniaków direction) and information about final stops. The consultant argues that such a solution would be particularly useful for the elderly and the visually impaired.

A story about the history of the tram… on the tram.

It is not yet known how officials will respond to the case. However, the passengers we ask for their opinion confirm that a higher number of “voice messages” could negatively affect travel comfort.

Noisy conversations on public transport. Passengers complain

– Perhaps a better idea would be to insert a button that reads such a message “on demand”, as when it stops. Running it regularly, on longer routes, will make the journey difficult and will be a nuisance in the long run – says the lady Kate.
According to commuters, it is also worth going ahead and focusing on the excessive noise of public transport.

– Talking on the phone, especially in the “hands-free” option, watching movies or listening to music without speakers is a nightmare here. In the past, on public transport, you could find posters denouncing such practices. Later they disappeared from the urban space. Maybe it’s worth returning to them? our reader wonders.
Loud calls on the phone during a call.  Where is the border?Loud calls on the phone during a call. Where is the border?

An advertisement for masks on public transport in the Corona virus pandemic.

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Echo Richards
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