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June 15 2022, 17:38

While exploring Shopee, you can find a lot of unusual items that will make our player more interesting or make us feel fun. We offer unique gadgets and extraordinary utility items for purchase for little money.

Shopee’s Low Price Festival It has already passed, but this does not mean that the prices on the gate have gone up. You can still find great tools out there, often at very low prices. It can be used as a simple gift or gadget for yourself, because who wouldn’t love it?

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Smartphone analog grip - Best Tools to Buy for Pennies - Illustration #1

Playing on smartphones is becoming more and more popular and we will find better and better titles on phones. However, touch screen control will not be entirely comfortable for everyone. The Analog Grip is for those who don’t currently have the budget for a gamepad designed specifically for mobile devices. stumble Like a suction cup in a place where we usually have a personal control touchpad. price? 27% less, it’s just 4.58 PLN.

Buy a smartphone analog grip for PLN 4.58

RGB LED strip - The best tools to buy for pennies - Illustration #2

If you already have an RGB computer, you can also have an apartment with this lighting. The tape is controlled by a remote control and supports 16 different colors, allowing you to get wonderful lighting effects. It’s perfect for sticking under or behind furniture to give it an extra charm. Price reduced by up to 91% and tape is available from 11.06 PLN per meter.

Buy RGB LED strip for PLN 11.06

LED Drawing Board - The best tools to buy for pennies - Illustration #3

When painting, proper lighting is very important. However, it is not always possible to rely on it and then a luminous pillow can help you. Thanks to this We have a guaranteed view of the entire surface of the paper and the drawing work done will always be accurate. The price of this interesting tool has been reduced by 80% and you can buy it for less than PLN 24.66.00.

Buy LED Drawing Board for PLN 24.66

Soy candle “Lilac and gooseberry” - The best tools to buy for pennies - Illustration #4

The perfect thing for the fans the magicianEspecially the witch Yennefer. Its special formula makes the scent of your favorite perfume spread throughout the room He chose the jet-black Geralt. It was even decorated with rose petals. current price 35 PLNWhich is not an exorbitant amount for such a product.

Buy Lilac and gooseberry candle for PLN 35

universal cable organizer - The best tools to buy for pennies - Illustration #5

Surely a lot of people have a problem with the cables on their desks: USB from the charger and other devices or a mini-jack for headphones. Thanks to this simple organizer All cables will be in place and easy to reach. Because of the 67% discount, the price is the only one 7.44 PLN.

Buy Cable Organizer for PLN 7.44

Xbox Series S travel bag. - The best tools to buy for pennies - Illustration #6

The Xbox Series S is one of the smallest consoles on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s always portable. Thanks to this bag, you will always have a separate space for devices, cables and two gamepads Smooth gameplay is required. The price is so low it has now been reduced by 35% to the amount 87.58 PLN.

Buy Xbox Series S Case for PLN 87.58

Gel for cleaning computer accessories - The best tools to buy for pennies - Illustration #7

Regular cleaning of your appliances is essential to ensure a long service life. However, quite often, some places are difficult to reach, which makes their maintenance difficult. Thanks to this gel, it will be easier, because it can go into small gaps and capture dust particles. Its current price has been reduced by 34% and it is now PLN 11.08.00.

Buy cleaning gel PLN 11.08

USB-C . Portable Mini Fan - The best tools to buy for pennies - Illustration #8

Summer is approaching, and once again temperatures are approaching 30 degrees. This small fan will help you survive the warm days as you can easily connect it to your phone. Currently, there is a 23% discount on small fans, so its price has been reduced to PLN 5.66.00 zlotys.

Buy a USB-C mini fan for PLN 5.66

Airpods 1 & 2 Dragon Case - The best tools to buy for pennies - Illustration #9

A charming case reminiscent of a dragon from the movie How to train your dragon Make your Airpods their comfortable place in the glove compartment. The special hole allows you to charge the device without removing the case, and the thickness of the silicone cover makes the headphones additionally protected against damage. 80% discount reduces the price of this tool to PLN 9.11.00.

Buy Airpods Case for PLN 9.11

As you can see, the items offered are inexpensive and can often be found at discount prices. Some of them will help with the daily use of equipment, while others will be great as an effective decoration for your platform or room. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg – you’ll find many more interesting tools on Shopee. We encourage you to independent search.

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GRY-OnLine SA receives commission from selected stores whose offers are shown above. However, we have done our best to pick only fun promotions – First of all, we want to publish the best offers for equipment, gadgets and games.

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