The Russians call the hotline.  "Our children are like cannon fodder."

  • The recordings discovered by CNN journalists show how Russia is manipulating the message among its citizens. The hotline set up by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine witnesses this every day
  • Moms, dads and relatives call. They say they don’t want this war either
  • He treats our children as objects, as cannon fodder Said the father of one of the soldiers
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine [RELACJA NA ŻYWO]

The mentioned calls come from the official helpline of the Ukrainian government. Russians are trying very hard to find out what is happening to their loved ones. The recordings show that the Russian soldiers did not know until the end what the president had prepared for them Russian President Vladimir Putin. They also confirm that Russian Federation It effectively prevents the flow of information among its citizens.

The Ukrainians set up a hotline for the Russians. It’s meant to help and learn

The Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior has opened the hotline “Come Alive from Ukraine”. A hotline has several purposes. It was created primarily for humanitarian purposes, but also for propaganda.

First of all, we will help Russian soldiers find their deceived relatives who do not know where and why their relatives go. Second, we will help stop the war Explains anonymously in an interview with CNN one of the employees of the hotline, which has so far received more than 6000 calls. links.

“Everyone is afraid that law enforcement agencies are eavesdropping on them.”

Some connections come from outside Russia. One CNN interviewee who called the hotline said he found a photo of his cousin’s passport One of the channels on Telegram. A family in Russia is afraid to look for her alone. Everyone is afraid to hear law enforcement agencies Confirms.

A Ukrainian official told CNN that dozens of soldiers had been contacted with their families in Russia via the hotline.

The vast majority of callers say their relatives were convinced they were going for training, and lost contact with the soldiers on February 22 or 23. The father called and said: “Our children are treated as objects, as cannon fodder. Politicians play their games and solve their problems, while our children die because one of them wants to earn money or fulfill his personal ambitions and become the master of the world.” Call the hotline employee.

The crying wife called to see if her husband was breathing, the last time she called was on February 23. Then I crossed the border with Ukraine. All I learned from him was that he was going to Kyiv.

On the recordings, you can also hear a woman crying and saying, “It’s not their fault, they were forced to do this. I also want it to end and we should live in peace.” The hotline employee asserts that the more people in Russia learn about what is happening in Ukraine, the more of them will take to the streets to protest.

Source: CNN

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