Amerykański zespół znalazł sposób na 100 proc. zamianę dwutlenku węgla w etylen - cenny surowiec dla wielu technologii. Wytwarza się z niego plastik i różnego rodzaju związki chemiczne.

The American team found a way to 100 percent. Converting carbon dioxide to ethylene – a valuable raw material for many technologies. It is used for the production of plastics and various types of chemical compounds.

A group of researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago reported in the journal “Cell Reports Physical Science” ( Submitted A new way to use carbon dioxide (CO .).2), issued by industrial establishments.

For many years attempts have been made to obtain the desired compound for many purposes – ethyleneBut only now has a way been found to convert nearly 100 percent of the captured carbon dioxide into this substance2.

About 1 cubic meter of ethylene yields 6 cubic meters of carbon dioxide. In previous attempts, the researchers emphasized, only about 10 percent could be converted to ethylene. Carbon dioxide is introduced into the process, and then the product is extracted, which was associated with energy consumption.

The catastrophic state of the waters of Europe. Scientists are sounding the alarm

The new method requires electricity, so It is somewhat valid when it is powered by renewable energy sourcesbut after that Its use leads to an overall decrease in the amount of carbon dioxide. According to the authors of this approach, in this respect it is more efficient than most other technologies for processing or storing carbon dioxide.

carbon dioxide balance2 negative. For every ton of ethylene produced, we get rid of 6 tons of carbon dioxide that would have been released into the atmosphere. The author of the invention, A. Minish Singh.

in a new way Electricity is passed through a tank half filled with carbon monoxide2separated by a membrane of aqueous filling solution for the other half. A suitable catalyst separates the hydrogen atoms from the water molecules passing through the membrane to the carbon dioxide fraction. There they combine with carbon atoms in carbon dioxide2to form ethylene.

Scientists point out that among the various chemicals produced by industry, Ethylene production is currently ranked third in terms of associated CO2 emissions2. it’s because of The current production method requires particularly large amounts of heat. On average, approx. 160 million tons of ethylene, accompanied by the emission of more than 260 million tons of carbon dioxide Scientists warn of danger.

More from CO2 It is formed only during the production of ammonia and cement.

Thus, in the new method, in addition to the possibility of using carbon dioxide2Its production is also eliminatedwhich accompanies ethylene production in conventional techniques.

As for the energy balance, by powering the system with solar cells – The researchers achieved an overall efficiency of 4 percent. Using energy from cells to produce ethylene. So far, this value has fluctuated around 2 percent.

Ethylene itself is used not only to produce one of the popular types plasticbut also the materials used, among others in Antifreeze, disinfectants or vinyl facades. Scientists in Chicago have also been able to produce other carbon materials that are valuable to industry.

It’s not just carbon dioxide that threatens us. Methane is much more powerful.

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