W Polskiej Stacji Antarktycznej naukowcy spędzili 5 tygodni (fot. Polska Stacja Antarktyczna im. AB Dobrowolskiego; Shutterstock)

Scientists who have revitalized the only Polish base in Antarctica, after a 42-year hiatus, are returning to the country. They were transported by helicopter to the icebreaker Akademik Fedorov, on which they will sail to Europe.

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They spent 5 weeks at the Polish Antarctic Station named after Anthony Dobrolski in Oaza Banger. During this time, they revitalized the buildings and prepared them for the other teams’ housing. They installed measuring devices and conducted field research.

Polar researchers have prepared places to sleep and work. They arranged the kitchen and dressing room. They installed heating and an eco-friendly toilet. Close to the station, they tested instruments that record changes in the magnetic field, seismic waves, ionospheric dynamics and meteorological parameters. They also took samples for geophysical, geochemical and environmental studies.

The first Polish woman to reach the Bejar Oasis

The head of the 4-person team is Professor Marek Lewandowski, who is also the author of the station’s activation programme. The mission also includes Professor Wojciech Milosz and Doctor Adam Nauru. The only woman participating in the campaign is Professor Monica Kosiak. She is also the first Polish woman to reach the Banjar Oasis.

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The station has been in operation since 1979. The Polish flag was raised there again on January 23 of this year. It happened on the 63rd anniversary of the establishment of the oldest Polish research facility in Antarctica, and the only center located in Antarctica. The second base in Antarctica is Henryk Arctowski Station. It is located on King George Island in the South Shetland Archipelago.

It has not been used for scientific research since 1979

The Russians built the “Dobroolsky” station in 1957. The following year, the Soviet Union handed it over to Poland. The base was technically taken over by the Polish Academy of Sciences in 1959. It has not been used for scientific research since 1979.

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