An annular solar eclipse will occur on Saturday, October 14. This is a very rare phenomenon, as a result of which a distinctive “ring of fire” can be observed in the sky. Thanks to NASA, everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy this spectacle live.

The scope of the next annular eclipse will pass through North, Central, and South America. It will be visible primarily in the United States, but also in select countries in Central America and even in the northern regions of South America. NASA posted appropriate illustrations on social media. The agency also announced the preparation of an online broadcast so that you can watch this interesting phenomenon at least from a device connected to the Internet.

Annular solar eclipse. What is this?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon covers the sun. It doesn’t always look the same, as there are several types of eclipse – total, partial, hybrid and annular – that are approaching.

An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes centrally in front of the Sun, but is unable to completely cover it. As a result, we can observe a small ring (their sizes are not always the same), often also called the “circle of flame” or “ring of fire”. Sometimes it has an almost perfect shape, sometimes it is slightly distorted (depending on the observation point).

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How to watch a solar eclipse?

NASA will broadcast online on its website and in the NASA mobile app. Additionally, the film will be available to watch on select social networking sites – Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube.

When is the solar eclipse in Poland?

In favorable conditions, a solar eclipse can be viewed by looking at the sky also in Poland. The next opportunity to do so will be on March 29, 2025, but it will be a partial eclipse. The annular solar eclipse over Poland will appear later, only in 2075.

Mateusz Tomczak, journalist at Wirtualna Polska

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