Scandal during the Polish anthem.  Lewandowski already knew what he was going to do.  The “first thought” of the Polish national team

The Polish national team has qualified for the 2024 European Championship, and in less than three months it will face France, the Netherlands and Austria in the group stage of the tournament. These will undoubtedly be difficult battles for us, but after Tuesday's victory, it seems that more and more people are starting to believe in success.

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Małysz takes stock of Polish jumpers' season. “I won't give any more”

Robert Lewandowski did not hide his satisfaction after the victory over Wales. “we are a team”

The Polish team started terribly. Euro 2024, under the leadership of Fernando Santos, suffered embarrassing defeats against the Czech Republic (1:3), Moldova (2:3) and Albania (0:2). Despite the opportunity, the new coach Michel Proppers did not save the situation, but he put in hard work and finally, after victories over Estonia and Wales, led us to Euro 2024.

Immediately after the end of Tuesday's match, our team captain Robert Lewandowski did not hide his satisfaction. – In short, we started the qualifiers very poorly. How did it look, how many points did we lose, and against which opponent. Then the qualifiers came and we felt in training that something had changed, and we felt confident. This idea has changed and today we played good football from the first minutes – he said in a post-match interview with TVP Sport.

– As for the whole match, we really fought from the first minute. We were the better team. The Welsh may have created two chances, but they were a bit accidental: won with a header and a pass. It was difficult for them to create something from the game. He explained that matches like this are important, as they build the team.

In addition, the striker revealed what influenced this good relationship between Lewandowski and coach Probers. – Many things. It's not huge, but putting it together makes a difference. There are definitely reasons for optimism after the way we are playing and the way we are trying to play. On the field you feel that nothing accidental will happen. Sometimes you can't see it from the sidelines, but I felt it on the field. He added: “I am proud of this team because after the bad qualifying rounds, as it must be said clearly, we recovered quickly and emerged again in a great tournament.”

Lewandowski praised Szczesny. “He still thinks I'm weak”

Finally, he commented on the series “Faz Eleven”. -We know it's a lottery. He added: “But we were focused, and we had peace of mind, because the road from the middle of the field to the penalty area is long for each of us.” – But the guys did it, Wojtek defended the last eleven. He added: I was counting on him, so I said: I missed you, how long do we have to wait, it's your turn.

Lewandowski did not see the final penalty kick taken by Daniel James. Chesney revealed after the match that he “never looks because he thinks I'm weak all the time.” – I looked at the former and told myself not to look at the latter, because I might disturb him and he might save something. – He started laughing – We scored penalty kicks in training and he was prepared for them. . He stressed that he is a world-class goalkeeper and he showed it.

Shortly after leaving the field, the 35-year-old shared a meaningful post on social media with a photo of the entire team with the caption: We got it! In just four hours, it collected 1.4 million likes.

Before the start of the match, the players faced major problems singing the national anthem due to the weak sound coming from the loudspeakers. The Welsh fans also tried to drown out the Poles. When Wojciech Szczesny saved James' penalty kick, our players went to the Polish fans' section to sing Dabrowski Mazurka with them.

– We couldn't hear the anthem, so we felt a little angry. We told ourselves that for this anthem it would just be an upgrade. This was the first idea to do it after the match with the fans. (…) It was a beautiful moment for the fans, for all Poles. I had goosebumps, it was a wonderful thing – summed up.

After this win, we finally thought we had a chance to qualify from the Euro 2024 group. Let's hope it stays that way until June. -we are a team. For me, as a leader, the best interest of the team is most important. I'm glad that while doing this hard work for the team, everyone realizes that we can only win as one. Individual statistics don't matter, they don't matter, because what matters in the end is victory. He concluded that what is born in pain can later turn into success.

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