Molière, urban opera: a first role in France for PETiTOM

PETiTOM will take its first steps on the French scene this year. Quebecer landed one of the show’s lead roles Moliere, Urban OperaExpected at the Dôme de Paris from November.

PETiTOM, real name Tommy Tremblay, has a fever. In a virtual interview NewspaperWe can clearly see the 28-year-old artist getting carried away when it comes time to discuss this first professional opportunity in Paris.

Because France has long been in his sights. Quebecer has been going back and forth between Metropolis and the City of Light for months, working on a potential debut album.

“All my life I dreamed of working there. But I never expected that my first contract would be with such a big show,” he says.

distribution Moliere, Urban Opera However it was already completed when the producer of the show invited PETiTOM for an audition. But following this meeting, he decided to reintroduce a character who had been scratched from the script. So Québésser traced his features to Joseph Béjart, later Charles Vallét (known as Lagrange), Moliere’s father-in-law and confidant respectively.

“Joseph Béjart’s role was written and then withdrawn. But they decided to customize it for me and rewrite it for me, inspired by my dancing, movement and energy on stage. It’s absolutely crazy,” breathes Québéser.

Accustomed to musical instruments, seen in PETiTOM Mama Mia! And Foot loose, presented as part of Just for Laughs. But still Moliere, Urban Opera is of a completely different order.


Visible in the same spirit as the American megahit Hamilton, Moliere, Urban Opera Revisiting the past takes a decidedly contemporary approach. Flavors of hip-hop, slam and rap color the songs and choreography.

“It’s very current. And I also have the opportunity to break the fourth wall and make a connection between the public and the stage. There is a lot of humor in these moments, in addition to emotional scenes. It allows me to do very different things, to show different aspects of who I am,” emphasizes PETiTOM.

It goes without saying that this project will monopolize most of his energies in 2023, forcing him to postpone the album project he’s been working on for a while. A compilation disc of songs from Moliere, Urban Opera However, it will be launched later this year.

But to believe it will abandon Quebec is to misunderstand PETiTOM. In addition to the occasional visits planned in Montreal, he promises to take his fans behind the scenes of his Parisian adventure through his social networks.

“My family, my friends, my audience… it’s all in Quebec. I will never abandon them, let’s see,” he insists.

♦ Moliere, Urban Opera Shown at the Dôme de Paris on November 11. The tour will take place through France, Belgium and Switzerland.

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