PS Plus Spartacus as an answer to Xbox Game Pass?  Head of the Xbox Brand: 'The right decision'

Phil Spencer isn’t afraid to compete in the form of the PS Plus Spartacus. The head of the Xbox brand understands that Sony must take the right step, but the Japanese decision will only confirm one thing – Microsoft was right in choosing the service.

In recent days, we’ve been hearing a lot about the possible expansion of PS Plus by adding the PS Now offer. Sony wants to respond to the huge popularity of Xbox Game Pass in this way – although we have yet to receive official information from Sony.

IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey decided to ask Phil Spencer what he thought of these reports and the head of the Xbox brand made no secret of an understanding — there are many indications of that. Microsoft representative expected such a move.

“You know, a lot of these things are already intertwined with each other, from [wstecznej kompatybilności] In terms of how to create a library of games we offer for sale on PC and consoles at the same time […] Knowing that Game Pass is coming and we want to bring Game Pass to many more platforms – all of those decisions seem to be in place. I don’t want it to sound like we’ve thought of everything, but I think the correct answer is to let customers play the games they want to play where they want to play by giving them a choice about how they build their library and being transparent with them about our plans for PC initiatives, cross-gene production, and more .

“So when I hear other people do things like Game Pass or come to PC, it makes sense to me because I think it’s the right decision.”

Phil Spencer makes no secret that Sony’s moves only confirm one thing – his teams made the right decision whether playing on PC or streaming. As is known in both cases, this Microsoft has moved ahead, and the Japanese manufacturer is now expected to benefit from the competition experience in some way.

“Actually, when I talk to our teams, I talk about it as inevitable. So we have to keep innovating, keep competing because the things that we do might be advantages we have in the market right now, but it’s just based on being ahead and not On the fact that we have created something that no one else can do.”

“I like it because it energizes us for the next things we have to work on while continuing to develop the projects we’ve done in the past. Because I think the right answer is to make great games, upload them to PCs, consoles, the cloud, and make them available on your subscription on day one. And I expect That’s what our competition will do.”

Will Sony actually put first-party games on PC and in service on release days? Opinions are divided. As you know, the company is currently introducing outdated items to the PC market, in addition, according to Bloomberg, the new PS Plus will not receive all first-party games from Sony. The Japanese will have to keep selling the production at full price, and the service will be just an plus.

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