animated movie Guillermo del Toro: Pinocchio It is a completely different adaptation of the cult story. One that looks like Disney Movie As of 2022 is refreshing for the viewer. The first journalists managed to see him at the London Film Festival. What are the grades? The video has only 5 reviews at the moment, but they are all positive with an average rating of 9/10. Given that Disney+ has 26% positive feedback from critics, it’s already a huge difference.

Pinocchio – review

We read in the reviews that Guillermo del Toro in his style created something unique, extraordinary and very impressive. It touches on very complex issues of moral goodness, turning into a meditation on love, annihilation, and loving who you are. They say it’s dark, weird, crazy, and funky. Del Toro takes on a classic story with a dark twist in it. There are arguments that Del Toro is not afraid to charm viewers of all ages, while at the same time demanding more attention from them, drawing them from the heart and terrifying them at the same time.

They pay tribute to the rich, exceptional and profound visual style fully embedded in the director’s much-appreciated style. They call it a masterpiece of stop motion animation that takes on deep meaning in many places. The argument is that it is the most mature, impactful, and unique family movie ever made. There are comparisons to animal maze In terms of climate, darkness, and fun, it’s a convention, but it’s also del Toro’s best movie since that blockbuster.

They all come together, however: Guillermo del Toro has brought to life a very limited and famous history that you can be shocked at. And this, according to journalists and other viewers, is evidence of the director’s mastery as a storyteller, who took everything to an unexpectedly high level that would surprise many if it touched the heart.

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