The Nintendo Switch has surpassed the total number of PlayStation 4 consoles sold in the United States.  Historical Hybrid Console Points

The Nintendo Switch is an exceptional console in many ways. It’s hard to argue with that, especially if you’ve been keeping an eye on how it’s been going since its launch. Already at the time of the debut (and maybe even the announcement), it pleased many people around the world and it turned out to be exactly what was expected. Really great equipment from the giants of industry in Japan, which will undoubtedly go down in history.

Somehow, he’s already done it. The latest NPD analyst report, which comes out April 2022, has been published online. As mentioned by Matt Piscatella, Nintendo Switch sales in the US have outpaced the PlayStation 4’s score since its launch. This means that in that region, in terms of sales, only the Xbox 360, Wii and of course the legendary PlayStation 2 are left before “Flick”.

The same report also tells us that it was another month in which the Nintendo console outperformed both Microsoft and Sony. The Xbox Series X | S in second place in April, a Of course, PlayStation 5 took third place (still underproduction). Interestingly, despite this distribution of copies sold, the new generation of PlayStation leads in terms of revenue.

from another curiosity, $343 million was spent on video game consoles last monthw, which is a 16% increase over the same period in 2021.

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