Orlen launched a lactic acid production facility

“During the pilot phase, the plant will produce 5 tons of lactic acid per year. There are plans to increase production to 5,000. Ringtone, Ringtone. This amount would be enough to cover most of the demand for this product in our country,” we read in GO! Magazine, the Orlen Group’s internal periodical.

Lactic acid is one of the basic raw materials used in many industries, for example in Food IndustryAs an acidifying agent and preservative, in the confectionery industryTo improve the structure and volume of baked goods or in Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industryThis compound and its derivatives act as hydrating and brightening ingredients for the skin.

Lactic acid can also be used For the production of environmental materials alternative to plastic. “Polylactic acid made from it is used to produce biodegradable bases, plates or cups. Under the right conditions, they turn into water vapor and ash after 80 days” – the article reads.

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