Roman Abramovich and company want their assets back.  They are suing the European Union

Information obtained by Bild shows that a total of 61 people and companies from Russia and Belarus have filed lawsuits. They were on the sanctions lists because they were identified That they supported Vladimir Putin financially or politically, and thus his campaign against Ukraine.

This group also includes billionaire Grigory Biryuzkin, owner of an energy company, oligarch Sergey Mdoyanak, president of the telecommunications company Sistema O Gennady Timchenko, a close friend of Putin.

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Russian billionaires are suing the European Union because “EU sanctions unfairly link them to Putin,” Bild writes. Meanwhile, the German daily stresses that it is thanks to Putin that the oligarchs have earned billions.

The Kremlin ruler enables them to live in luxury, and he also makes a lot of money. But dozens of oligarchs now want nothing to do with the Moscow warlords – We read.

According to “Bild”, Grigory Biryuzkin demands one euro as compensation for non-material damages incurred after the sanctions were imposed on him. Meanwhile, Cyprus revoked his citizenship, which he had bought there. In the lawsuit, Biryuzkin complained that his “reputation has been severely damaged” and asserted that he had “no relation to the events in Ukraine”. And does not support the Government of the Russian Federation.

Sergey Madoyants In his lawsuit, he went further and claimed that all he wanted was to “be a small businessman”. He says that the European Union has put him on the sanctions list, despite the fact that he has not proven himself to be a prominent businessman and pioneer.

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