Residents of a Russian city received text messages in the morning.  Urgent evacuation

“At 6 a.m., Ishim residents received text messages asking them to urgently evacuate their homes that may be in the flood zone. There was a critical increase in water levels in the Ishim River,” the information center of the Tyumen region government said. He said in an official statement.

According to information reported by the Mash channel on Telegram, the city's 67,000 residents were forced to leave their homes immediately and were only able to take documents and the most important valuables with them. A recording appeared on the Internet from the village of Sokolovka, which is more than 350 kilometers from Ishim. Urgent evacuation orders were also issued there.

Russia is fighting the catastrophe

Residents of the city of Tomsk are also suffering from major floods caused by the construction of ice dams on Russian rivers. There the dam separating the Tom River from the lake collapsed.

Continued article below the video

The regional administration said that in the worst-case scenario, 10 settlements would be submerged. Earlier, due to the flood situation on the Tom River, a state of emergency was imposed in four settlements of the Tomsk region, and several villages and plots of land were evacuated – recalls TASS.

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