turkey.  President Erdogan threatens to launch a missile attack on Athens

– Currently We started building our missiles. Of course, this production terrifies the Greeks. When you say “Typhoon” (Turkish-made short-range ballistic missile – Ed.), The Greek is horrified. The Greeks say he will strike Athens. Of course you will hit – said Erdogan, whose statement was quoted by the Turkish Anadolu Agency.

The Turkish president, who is visiting the northern province of Samsun on Sunday, told a meeting that “if you are trying to buy something (for weapons) from here and there, from America to the islands, a country like Turkey will not be a passive observer. It must do something.” Erdogan was referring to Greece’s purchase of American weapons.

And Anadolu Agency states that the Turkish army tested the country’s production in October on the Black Sea Short range ballistic missile Typhoon. The missile can hit a target at a distance of 561 kilometers in less than eight minutes.

And the Greek news portal “Ekathmerini” reports this a few days ago Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu threatened to invade GreeceIf it does not disarm its islands in the Aegean Sea. Turkey will “suddenly arrive overnight,” Çavuşoğlu said, recalling President Erdogan’s previous threats.

Ekathmirini writes that Greek politicians usually dismiss these statements of the Turkish president as efforts Appeal to a national audience. However, in the face of next year’s elections, when the difficult economic situation in Turkey raises doubts about Erdogan’s re-election, They fear that the accident will be portrayed as an act of desperation. In addition, Greece faces dual elections next year, and authorities in Athens fear that Erdogan is planning the incident to coincide with a less stable period in Greek politics.

Turkey and Greece have been at loggerheads for years over maritime territory, rights to raw materials, airspace, and the status of some islands in the Aegean Sea.. Ankara accuses Athens of trying to deprive it of the profits from exploiting the oil and gas fields under the territorial waters of Greece and Cyprus, as the borders, according to Turkey, should not include the Greek islands, but only the mainland.

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