Jurassic Park – John Hammond led the park to disaster and now fans can see why

Sometimes you can watch a movie several times and only after a while notice details or hear a sentence that completely changes your view of the events that follow. Such a cinematic revelation had a netizen with the pseudonym Dlph_311, who Posted on Reddit. He cited a statement explaining, in his opinion, why Jurassic Park failed so spectacularly and the tragic events of the film.

In the scene where we introduce attorney Donald Gennaro, we can learn that the man has come to the island for a very important inspection. Its outcome was to determine if the fledgling park met the appropriate safety standards. The foreman at the site tells Gennaro that John Hammond doesn’t like inspections because they delay everything.

According to Dlph_311, it is this brief exchange that reveals that the movie must have ended as it was later shown. Hammond’s negligence led to the violations and the Jurassic Park disaster. Additional insight into the case was provided by a pseudonymous user TheBluestBerries. He noted that the book on which the film was based shows Hammond’s abuse more clearly.

Among other things The people hired to take care of the dinosaurs don’t even have the slightest experience working in a zoo and show no interest in the animals.. The scientists commissioned to recreate DNA aren’t interested in what the end result will look like or what dinosaurs need and how they will behave.

Dennis Nedry, one of the film’s opponents, points out that Hammond turned down all reasonable offers because they were not within his budget.. He even suggested it in an interview with Louis Dodgson when he said Hammond skipped his money. One could say that Nedry was just greedy, but on the other hand, you could see how John Hammond cut costs on everything he could. Also, Robert Muldoon was pointing out that the park doesn’t have any tools to catch the dinosaurs if they get out, because the creator doesn’t want to hurt his multi-million dollar investment.

A brief exchange between the lawyer and the foreman revealed Hammond’s true face, which may have been unknown to those unfamiliar with the books. In fact, the man wanted to finish his investment as soon as possible and finally start earning. At the same time, ignore any signs that could increase the safety of Jurassic Park. We saw how it turned out on screen.

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