Record prices in the used car market!

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– The increase in the average price over the past year by 3,500 PLN confirms the persistent upward trend, which is caused by the significant lack of sales offers in the used car market. Importing cars cannot meet the expectations of drivers, not only because of the quantity and quality of imported cars, but also because of the potential risks of legal defects and distorted history of origin. That is why it is worth checking the offer of cars from the domestic market, especially those sold by specialized used car dealers – said Karolina Topulova, General Director of AURES Holdings, operator of the international network of AAA AUTO centers for cars.

The most popular model on sale in November 2021 was Opel Astra – 5989 cars, He was in second place Audi A4 – 5048 carsAnd in the third BMW 3 – 4,800 cars. The largest number of offers made are cars with diesel engines – 95,321 cars, and in second place with gasoline engines – 88,432 cars.

Sales offers were most often made by cars with diesel engines – 95321, before cars with gasoline engines – 88432. It was followed by LPG (14361), hybrid (1706), electric (477) and CNG (58) cars.

In November this year. 73 thousand registered in Poland 304 used cars and trucks imported from abroad with a total weight of 3.5 tons, an increase of 15.4%. On an annual basis – according to data from PZPM and Samar. The average age of imported cars was more than 12 years

According to the organization, since the beginning of the year, the number of imported car registrations has reached 869,000. 661 units, or 12.1 percent. greater than in the corresponding period of 2020. The average life of imported cars this year is 12 years and 5 months, and at the same time – 3 months less. In the case of imported cars with gasoline engines, the average life is higher at 13 years and 6 months.

Samar pointed out that import data shows a steady decline in interest in diesel engines. Diesel cars in passenger car imports in November accounted for 41.7 percent. The 12-month trend remains for the second month in a row at 42%, the lowest level since April 2018. The average life of imported cars with diesel engines is 11 years and 3 months.

The most common source of car imports into Poland is always Germany with a share of nearly 60%, France and Belgium also on the platform. The United States is in fifth place.

According to the latest forecasts of the organization, at the end of the year, imports will fluctuate in the range of 920 – 940 thousand tons. to cut.

In November this year. Nearly 38,000 new passenger cars were registered in Poland with a rate of 20.28% less than a year, Summer reported this week. The institute predicts that during 2021, sales of new passenger cars will reach 450,000. piece – by 5 per cent xx more.

Cumulative data on sales of new passenger cars for eleven months of this year. In the number 476,000 dollars. 952 units showing an increase in 2021 by 11.29%. yoy – follows from the report.

According to the Summer Institute, November was the fifth consecutive month (and the sixth month this year) to see sales decline year-over-year.

“Traditionally, the last quarter of the year is a period of increased purchases. This year, car sales were lower in November (similar to October) than in June, July or August. As in previous months, this situation is mainly due to car market problems related to availability. Limited cars. Production of some models was significantly limited or even stopped until the end of the year. The reason for this situation is the lack of semiconductors necessary to equip modern cars “- experts indicated.

They added that one of the indicators that show the increasing problems with the availability of cars is the phenomenon of the decline in the re-export of passenger cars. This year its share has not exceeded 10% in any month. for passenger cars, and in November it was about 5 per cent.

In November 2021, the share of individual customers in the total number of passenger car registrations was 27.4%. The share of companies reached the level of 72.6%.

According to Summer, ten of the first fifteen brands ranked in the ranking list recorded an increase in the number of cars registered in 2021 compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, including the largest – Suzuki by 58.93 percent, and recorded the largest decrease. Renault – 19.45 percent.

Summer expects that in 2021, sales of new passenger cars will reach 450,000. Units (5% increase) for new trucks – 72 thousand. Computers (20.8% increase).

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