Recalculation of pension after the age of 65
Author: Simon Starnowski
Pension recalculation after age 65 – How to apply for pension recalculation?

It may happen that official documents do not contain complete information about contributions that determine the amount of the pension. It is worth paying attention to this and applying for recalculation of the benefit. Who should do it and how?

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  1. Who can apply to recalculate the pension?
  2. How to submit a pension transfer request?

Who can apply to recalculate the pension?

Anyone who receives this benefit can apply for pension recalculation, but it is only appropriate in specific cases.

You may be entitled to extra money because you have not taken into account all the contribution periods that count towards your pension. This applies to the so-called initial capital, i.e. subscription periods before 1999, for which the beneficiary must collect documentation. Documenting contribution periods that were not present in the ZUS archives allows you to recalculate. This applies to people who studied at a university or were on parental leave before 1999. Periods of study and leave were not contribution periods at that time. Since 1999, the pension contribution has been paid from the State Fund for these periods. Documentation of the period of study and parental leave before 1999 is the basis for recalculating the pension.

It is also useful to apply for it when the beneficiary, who is already retired, has also taken up a job for which Social Security contributions have been paid. It increases the amount earned until retirement age and may increase the benefits received.

People who have reached standard retirement age and who were previously in early retirement for a certain period may also benefit.

A group that may also apply for pension recalculation are women who have saved contributions to OFE, who retired before 1 October 2017, and are today 65 years old, but who have not reached the high retirement age for men, i.e. 67 years. This is a result of the provision in the law regarding increasing the retirement age, which was not canceled by the new age lowering law. But in principle, they can wait until they turn 67, and then the ZUS will recalculate their ex-officio pensions.

How to submit a pension transfer request?

This can be done in person, via letter or via the PUE ZUS online platform. In person or by mail via the printed and completed ZUS ERPO application, and online via its electronic copy sent via the platform. However, in order to use the PUE ZUS website, you must register on it; Instructions on how to do this are available on the website.

The application must be accompanied by copies of documents, paper copies when submitting the application in person and by mail, and digital copies (in pdf, jpg format) online. These documents confirm:

  • Higher education studies;
  • a job;
  • Carrying out non-agricultural activities;
  • Military service;
  • Parental leave and unemployment benefits.

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