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transition Cristiano Ronaldo Noting that the Saudi victory is certainly one of the most important football events in recent days. However, as it turns out, the agreement with the club from the Middle East does not necessarily mean the end of the Portuguese’s connection to the Champions League.

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Important record

And the Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported today that the 37-year-old striker may appear in it Champions League Already in the 2023/2024 season. However, much depends not so much on the player himself and his game in victory as on the situation Newcastle United in the Premier League.

Everything has to do with the fact that both clubs are owned by the Saudi Public Investment Fund. Thanks to this, Ronaldo will have no problem obtaining permission for a six-month loan with the possibility of extending it for another six months if the “magpie” is promoted to Champions League.

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This arrangement can suit both the player himself and the owners of both teams. Perhaps the player would have had trouble finding a club that would play in the most important club competitions in the world, while the Saudis ruling Newcastle would be happy to use his services, if only for marketing reasons.

serious chances of success

Right now, Newcastle United are doing better than most fans and analysts expected in the Premier League. The Magpies currently sit third in the table, nine points behind leaders Arsenal and two behind Manchester City.

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It is noteworthy that Cristiano Ronaldo signed the highest contract in history with Al-Nassr football. According to information that appears in the media, the Portuguese earn 200 million euros annually. This means that in 2023 at least one million euros have already been allocated to “calculate” the legend.

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