Raku - Pogo.  Rakow's victory is important!  Great goal scored three points
  • Rako Czestochowa won a very important match with Pogogo Szczecin 1-0 at home. The protagonist turned out to be Mateusz Wdowiak, who was introduced from the bench
  • In the first half, the Polish runners-up managed to score at least two goals, but in the decisive moments they were offended by their ineffectiveness.
  • Marek Babszon’s players, thanks to their win over Pogoń, advanced to third place in the PKO BP Ekstraklasa.
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For several seasons, the clashes between Chistochova and Szczecin were considered a great success and had a great influence on the final decisions. The current phase of the season is too early for that, but winning the great match could have been comforted by much better spectators off the top of the table.

From the very first minutes, I found it very difficult to pinpoint the cause of the tension in the hosts’ ranks. Bogdan Rakovitan was injured by coach Marek Babszon. The coach was soon penalized with a yellow card for his extremely reckless behaviour.

Raku had been waiting 26 years to score against Pogogo at home. The quest for success in Czestochowa is only two years shorter (the 1-0 win after Adrian Benedichak’s strike was the start of the 2020/2021 season in Bełchatów). Unfortunately, the first half did not indicate that this statistic would change. Boredom was exploding from the stadium, and more in the stands than on the pitch, there was debate over who could leave the locals’ ranks on the last day of the transfer window.

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