Radek doesn't say hello to me now

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A few months ago, the movie premiere.loveSex and the epidemic. “The production received mixed reviews. Many viewers found some scenes too vulgar. One of the roles went to Małgorzata Rozenekpartner in Movie It was Wojciech Sikora. Now the actor has spoken about working with the “perfect housewife”.

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Wojciech Sikora talks about bed scenes with Małgorzata Rozenek

The movie was full of hot scenes. Wojciech Sikora said in an interview with Jastrząb Post how he prepared for them with Małgorzata Rozenek.

Of course, we have the most questions about these scenes of convergence. They did not make themselves. We should have had some initial grounding for the fact that when we got on the set in front of the camera, we had to know what we were going to do, and we definitely wouldn’t put that scene out there. We had a lot to do at the conference table in Patrick’s office, to work on the script, and there a very nice relationship developed between us. I think it came from something that made Maguzia feel safe with me.

Journalist Wojciech asked if Radoslaw Majdan was jealous after the film’s premiere. And the actor joked that Małgorzata Rozenek’s husband had offended him.

Radek is not saying hi to me now, I don’t know why. Of course I’m kidding. We have shown such maturity. (…) I did not feel anything like this. The idea was for each of us to be 100% comfortable in it. It is known that Małgorzata is a very close family person who cares about these values. So I never wanted to break it. She tried to awaken such a fire that Maguzia would dare to do some things. Also I guess I didn’t use this mode for nefarious purposes, though maybe I should?

Wojciech Sikora he added He is also in contact with Małgorzata Rozenek all the time. Although, as it has been emphasized, it is choppy.

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