Quiz only for smart people.  Do you have the courage to test yourself?

Ancient philosophers believed that wisdom meant knowledge of the world as a whole. Intelligence, on the other hand, is the ability to use this knowledge, to draw conclusions, as well as the ability to analyze. It is easy to measure intelligence with an IQ test, but wisdom is difficult to measure.

We have prepared a general knowledge test so you can check if your knowledge is rather broad or narrow. It includes questions from many scientific fields, from geography, through literature and mathematics, to architecture and sports. Let’s think that the measure of your wisdom will be the result of this test. Are you ready to test your knowledge? Be careful, it won’t be easy.

Quiz only for smart people. Do you have the courage to test yourself?

Question 1 of 20

First, a geographic question. What is the area of ​​Europe?

Electronic Polish Digital Revolution. Artificial intelligence and new technologies. What future awaits us

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