December 6, 2022


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Germany.  A whirlwind passed through the city.  More than 40 people were injured - Wprost

Germany. A whirlwind passed through the city. More than 40 people were injured – Wprost

The German Meteorological Institute has warned of the possibility of dangerous weather events in the country on Friday, May 20. In some areas of the country, winds were expected to reach 130 kilometers per hour.

A whirlwind in Germany

Local media reported that the lightning discharges occurred as a result of the Emmelinde Lowlands. In Paderborn in North Rhine-Westphalia, there were two hurricanes. The winds uprooted trees, damaged cars and damaged the roofs of many buildings. Police appealed to residents to stay in their homes.


In turn, a hurricane passed through Lipstadt located in the west of the country. According to information from the German police, more than 40 people were injured, 10 of whom are in serious condition.


IMGW warns of storms

The weather will also be dangerous in Poland. The Government Security Center issued an alert about violent storms and strong winds. The SMS alert message has been sent to recipients across the country. “Attention! Today and tomorrow (20 / 21.05) strong winds and storms. Power outages. Securing things that can be blown by the wind “- reads the letter. RCB asks you to stay home if possible.

Weather alerts before hailstorms

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management also issued weather warnings. There are two warnings, which will cover almost all the territory of Poland. The first type of hail alert. Such alerts were issued for 14 regions, with the exception of Lublin and Podlasie regions.

The full orange warnings apply to the province. Śląskie, Opolskie, Dolnośląskie and in dzki, as well as in part of the province Lubuskie, Greater Poland, Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Masovian, Świętokrzyskie, and Lesser Poland provinces. In turn, first-order alerts were issued for some buffets in Lubuskie, Zachodniopomorskie, Pomorskie, Wielkopolskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Mazowieckie, Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie.

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