Test na koronawirusa

The Coronavirus Delta variant is already becoming prevalent worldwide. Symptoms of the ‘Indian mutation’ are different from those characteristic of the original form of Covid-19, warns the professor. Dariusz Maciejewski, a national consultant in intensive care.

a variable Delta SARS-CoV-2 appeared in India in Maharashtra in late 2020. The new type of coronavirus spread rapidly in the region and then around the world, displacing the British surge COVID-19.

original character trait Corona virus Symptoms such as coughing and changes in smell and taste are less likely to occur with later variants. a. In an interview with Dziennik Zachodni, Dariusz Maciejewski explained symptoms of disease in a delta boom.

Delta – Symptoms of the Corona virus are similar to those of the flu

The delta variant, which is less likely to neutralize antibodies produced by a previous Covid-19 infection or affected by a vaccine, produces flu-like symptoms.

– The first symptom is a headache, then a sore throat, often accompanied by a runny nose and high temperature, but there is no disturbance in the sense of smell or taste. However, later in the delta variant, there are various infectious symptoms – nausea, abdominal pain, lack of appetite or muscle and joint pain. The National Intensive Care Adviser said these symptoms appear as a comorbidity with the group’s symptoms and are often confused with influenza.

The expert added that hearing disturbances, sneezing and pseudobulbar symptoms are more and more common symptoms of delta mutation infection. – I don’t think we need to make people aware of any specific symptoms, but to make sure that in the upcoming flu season they don’t ignore flu symptoms more than usual, get vaccinated against influenza and vaccines against Covid-19 – the professor added. Maciejewski.

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