American superstar Taylor Swift boosts membership of Bank of Singapore

She is a singer admired around the world: Taylor Swift is an economic phenomenon. His “Eras Tour” could raise $2.2 billion. The Taylor Swift effect boosts the entire American economy: from the hotel industry to cinema, but it creates effects in Asia, where the star must also act. The singer signed a partnership deal with a major bank in Singapore.

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American superstar Taylor Swift continues to rock this time in Singapore. Last spring, the singer signed a partnership agreement with United Overseas Bank. Credit card holders can access the ticket office for the stars’ concerts 48 hours before everyone else.

It will take place in March, as Taylor Swift announced six concerts in Singapore in June. The effect was immediate: the number of credit cards increased by 45% in one week across the region.

In the third quarter, the establishment saw its bank card commissions rise 89% and the number of members explode.

United Overseas Bank is doing it again with Ed Sheeran

Following this success, United Overseas Bank is doing it again with another artist. Ed Sheeran is a true star among the youth who can sing with Taylor Swift.

The Bank intends to develop these partnerships. The most popular K-POP artists in South Korea and the region are now in its sights.

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