Quake has received its next generation update.  Players will play in 4K and 120 fps

Quake is back thanks to the Remaster, but as it turns out – the developers haven’t said the last word. A new update has arrived on the servers of Sony and Microsoft, allowing owners of the most powerful platforms to see the title in the expected quality.

brought another QuakeCon Announcement and simultaneous premiere of the earthquake. The game is back thanks to the updated version, and although we can’t talk about a complete rework in this case, the title presented at that time got a lot of attention.

The developers just confirmed that they haven’t forgotten the post and Bring back the next generation update that allows you to use the capabilities of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. – The patch offers the following:

Xbox Series X | s

  • 4K
  • 120 fps
  • Xbox Play Anywhere

PlayStation 5

  • 4K Max Resolution
  • 120 fps
  • DualSense Adaptive Player + głośnik

The creators did not care about the classic update, but on the Xbox the improved Quake will be downloaded automatically (thanks to Smart Delivery), and on the PlayStation 5 you must launch the item and select “PS5 | Full | Quake PS5 Upgrade” in the menu or enter the PlayStation Store and download the new version .

This is certainly an interesting option for gamers who want to enjoy the enhanced title – although of course you must have a decent TV or monitor to be able to run around the sites in 120 frames in 4K.

Source: https://bethesda.net/pl/article/6dXzcvcwZCrzKLsv7yJZSC/quake-next-gen-update

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