Metro Awakening – a post-apocalyptic prequel to the popular VR series, presented at the Sony Expo

According to numerous leaks, among others, 4A Games has finally shown us its VR project. The Metro trilogy has been very well received – especially Exodus – but as you can see, it's not just the books that expand on the post-apocalyptic world started by Dmitry Glukhovsky. It's difficult to say what kind of reception the game will have, but at the same time, there are many indicators that the creators are preparing a very big expansion of this world, and not just a small sideshow.

Metro Awakening is a virtual reality game that aims to expand the already vast universe. As expected, we saw the first bits of gameplay during State of Play.

Metro Awakening - a post-apocalyptic prequel to the popular VR series, presented at the Sony Expo [1]

Metro Awakening – a new single-player game in the popular series, created with virtual reality in mind

This concept was also discussed by consultant Głuchowski, for whom it is a very important return to the roots of the series – so we are not talking about just any side project, but about an actual enrichment of a great series. The events take place in the year 2028, and the hero of Metro Awakening is a man named Serdar. A man tries to find his wife, but to do so he is forced to pass through claustrophobic tunnels beneath a post-apocalyptic Moscow. They are, of course, filled to the brim with bloodthirsty mutants.

Metro Awakening - a post-apocalyptic prequel to the popular VR series, presented at the Sony Expo [2]

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Thus, for the first time in virtual reality, we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the dark atmosphere characteristic of the series. We will have at our disposal weapons and survival equipment well known to fans of this universe, as well as the gas mask necessary for survival. Exploration will be combined with stealth elements and combat sequences. Metro Awakening is scheduled to premiere later this year and is already on wish lists PlayStation VR 2, Steam virtual reality And Meta Quest 2 and 3. It is also worth noting that the Ukrainian studio revealed this last week he is working In a separate part of the Metro series.

Source: PlayStation (YouTube), Games Press

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