Marcelina Zwadzka, dressed in satin, tempts to lie on the bed.  what a picture!

your profession Marcelina Zwadzka I started with beauty pageants. After her victory, Miss Bologna began working on television. The star started playing ‘Question for Breakfast’ on TVP She was fired from her job because of the tax scandal she was involved in.

The star pulled out of his intense life in the show business, but he’s still very active on social media. She makes several posts on Instagram, where she shares her life with fans and earns money as an influencer.

Marcelina Zwadzka Don’t be afraid to post bold pictures. As a former model, she knows how to stand up in order to present herself from the most advantageous side. Her images exude femininity and grace.

The famous star recently posted alluring pictures of her in black satin pajamas that she wears in her bedroom bed covers. Marcelina Zwadzka It looks very seductive in the pictures. do you like this?

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