Putin no longer believes in victory. ” The politician talks about two scenarios

Putin no longer believes in victory Russia over Ukraine. But he will not give up, says Ukrainian politician Anton Gerachenko. Russian President Vladimir Putin He plans an arms race and mobilizes another to wage war until the death of the last Russian soldier. Gerashchenko wrote: “For Putin, any option to return Crimea and Donbass is worse than the death of millions of Russian soldiers.”

The politician predicts two scenarios for Ukraine’s quick victory. The first is related to Putin’s death or his removal from power. He notes that a mass uprising in Russia will not happen because of a “well-functioning repressive machine”.

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The second scenario is a swift offensive by the Ukrainian army, “which will encircle the Donetsk bloc, cut off the so-called corridor to Crimea, and take thousands of Russian soldiers prisoner.” According to the politician, the first solution is the best and the second is likely.

Finally, Gerashchenko added: “We will win. We will win together.”

Recently, Kristina Korczap-Redlich, a reporter, Russia expert, and author of “Vova, Volodya, Vladimir. Secrets of Putin Russia,” assessed that Vladimir Putin is panicking about his military’s failure in Ukraine.

She said on TVN24: “If this man no longer travels by planes because he is afraid, but by armored train, where he is usually alone or in a small company, he will not feel anything else.” The expert said that, knowing Putin’s psychology, he would never admit defeat.

Source: Twitter, Onet


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