Putin spent trillions.  British Intelligence: “It may not be enough” – o2

Last Monday, December 5, President Vladimir Putin signed the Law on the Federal Budget of Russia for 2023. An amount of up to 9 trillion rubles, or about $ 143 billion, to cover expenses related to the army and services. That’s more than 30 percent. The entire Russian budget for next year. The British noted that the planned increase in this type of spending compared to previous years is very visible in Russia.

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Perhaps the budget approved by Putin is too optimistic in forecasting income and spending in 2023. Therefore, it can be assumed that the need to cover the costs of the war will put pressure on other items of the Russian budget, we read in a summary published by British intelligence.

Moreover, as confirmed by the Ukrinform agency, the analysis conducted by the British Ministry of Defense showsThat since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Iran has become one of the main allies of the Kremlin in terms of supplying the army. It was also added that Tehran’s support for Vladimir Putin’s army may increase in the coming months.

The Russian military unprovoked unprovoked war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Heavy fighting has been going on in many regions of Ukraine for nearly ten months. Defenders of independence have been trying to stop the invaders for a long time. But at the right time, they launched a counterattack, which in part brought the expected results. At the moment, there are no signs of a quick end to the conflict beyond our eastern borders. Vladimir Putin’s soldiers still occupy some cities and the entire Crimea.

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