May 29, 2023


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Puszylin suddenly disappeared.  In the background, the Ukrainian counterattack - O2

Puszylin suddenly disappeared. In the background, the Ukrainian counterattack – O2

Petro Androshenko wrote on Telegram that his sources confirm that “the whereabouts of Poszelin is unknown.” According to the advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, he was to be the head of the breakaway republic in the Russian-occupied city during a concert. – Then with Ivashchenko [podstawionym przez Kreml nowym merem Mariupola – przyp. red.] He wrote that they went to the coast.

But something went wrong. Androchenko added, and no one knows where Poszelin is.

Petro Androchenko also announced that Konstantin Ivashenkowho was appointed head of the Mariupol occupation administration, “also wanted to go to Novoazovsk, but his guards made it clear that in the current conditions he would only get to Novoazovsk in a coffin.”

I mean, people of Mariupol, you won’t see Konstantin for a few days. Androchenko added a drink.

Previously, he was an advisor to the head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, Anton Gerashchenko It was reported that Puszylin might have been injured in Lyman in the Donetsk region.

The situation is “very difficult” in the so-called DRL

Shortly before the above events, Poszelen posted the recording on Telegram. The head of the so-called House of People’s Representatives said that the situation in the northern city of Liman, the self-declared republic, “remains very difficult.” “As in many other settlements in the north of the republic,” said the separatist leader.

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